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5 Latest Yoruba Didi Hairstyles Nigerian Ladies Are Rocking Now

pictures of didi hairstyles
Yoruba didi hairstyles are some of the most cherished and loved ladies hairstyles in Nigeria.
You just have to look into the skill touches that go into braids and a whole lot of African arts and designs they feature.

You may think the days of the Yoruba didi styles in Nigeria is long gone with the women of the old world and the beautiful damsels of the old Bini kingdom. But the truth is that you would be surprised that a lot of beautiful Nigerian ladies still rock those gorgeous Yoruba Didi styles with stylishly.

So, lovely ladies in the room, you want to rock any traditional Nigerian hairstyle? Yea, go right ahead and show off that natural gorgeous look of yours to the whole world and watch all the "Brazilian hair" freaks roll their eyes all over.

But don't forget: It's a free world, so anyone is free to envy your gorgeous natural beauty.

Enough talk! So, ladies, here are my top picks of the latest Yoruba Didi Styles in Nigeria with pictures.

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Koroba braided hairstyles

latest didi hairstyles
Koroba hairstyles instagram @blessingogueri
The Koroba style of Yoruba Didi hairstyles features one of the most stunning African braids. The braid comes from the top and trails to the sides of the head forming small buns which you can  embellish with assorted beads to rock your most fabulous look.

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Ipako Elede Yoruba Hairstyle

yoruba didi hairstyles
ipako elede hairstyle
Ipako Elede is one of the most common Yoruba did hairstyle. It is stylish, fabulous and suitable for most of your outings.

It only consists of simple braids which are woven from the back of the head to the front, thus giving prominence to the shape of the back of the head. It is simple and you can easily walk to your hairstylist and have it done within a couple of minutes.

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Shuku braided hairstyles

pictures of didi hairstyles
Shuku hairstyle instagram @oge_beauty_palace/
If you love pony or a bun, then you would love the Shuku Yoruba Didi hairstyles. For the basic natural Shuku hairstyle, the bun sits on top of the head, but its trains are weaved around the head to the hairline in a skillful touch. A more sophisticated style of shuku involves the use of an attachment to extend the train.

But, you don't have to worry about which styles would be the best pick for the shape of your head. Both styles are so gorgeous enough for shapes. So, you can always trust a well touched up Shuku hairstyle for a cozy hairdo. But if you still want to choose, you can always tell your hairstylist.

What more? You have the option of touching up your the buns or ponytails of your Shuku Yoruba Didi hairstyle with a colored faux hair or any a flowery decoration.

Patewo Didi Hairstyle

kiko hairstyles
Patewo hairstyle instagram @beautifulbraidsofcolour
Patewo hairstyle is a gorgeous Yoruba Didi hairstyle that has refused to go out of trend. It is stylishly worn among young African ladies and perfect to show off your raw natural beauty.

If you are a Yoruba lady, you already know the name of this hairstyle already gives away its stylish weave pattern. But for the non-Yorubas, the name "Patewo" means "Clap". The hair on both sides of the head is weaved from the front and tailed to the back to mimic the appearance of a "clap". / to form beautiful mohawk.

Eko Bridge HairStyles

nigerian traditional hairstyles

Eko Bridge hairstyles another fabulous Yoruba hairstyle you want to rock for your upcoming event. This hairstyle is gorgeous, beautiful and named after the popular Eko bridge.

To create this fabulous hairstyle, your stylist will have to part your hair into 11 sections, braided them into long threads which are then twisted to form a bridge-like structure from the top to the back of the head. What more? if love didi hairstyle with attachment, then Eko Bridge is one of the most gorgeous styles you should rock.


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