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9 Latest Cord Lace Styles You Should Wear For Christmas

Are you an ardent lover of a lace styles?

Then, It's time to rock your best Aso Ebi look in cord lace styles. In this post, you will see some if the most stunning cord lace Aso ebi styles you should take to your fashion designer rich now.

Why cord lace Aso Ebi styles?

Fantastic! Cord lace is one of the most fabulous choice of fabric among Nigerian fashion conscious ladies due to its versatility, class and quality. And yes, these latest cord lace styles outfits are mostly worn by the creme de la creme of Nigerian elite, celebrities and socialites.

Secondly, these latest cord lace styles are fabulous for different kinds of outings; evening outings, wedding ceremony or as casual street outfit depending on the particular design.

So, with a cord lace Aso Ebi style, there are so many options for any fashionable fashionistas. What more? If an all cord lace outfit is not your fancy, don't worry yet. The latest wave of creative Nigerian fashion designers have your back.

You can accent your lace outfit with a stylish Ankara sleeve, peplum or even flounce. In fact, there is no limit to what you can bring out of ankara and lace combo for a tip top, stunning and ultra stylish latest cord lace styles inspiration.

Short gowns or Long gown Lace styles, Maxi or Midi length?

Apart from different styles of cord lace aso styles, you also have different lengths to choose from. It could be Short gowns, long gowns, midi or maxi length are all stylish, matched with the right set of accessories.

Midi length goes well with pumps, high or pointed heels,l and straps. Same with maxi length cord lace aso ebi styles. Nevertheless, you should take an extra care when wearing pointed heels with long lace gowns or maxi length aso ebi styles.

Color palette for your latest cord lace styles

Lace materials come in different arrays of colors; both mild and bright colors, both can be fantastic depending on your choice of matching shoes.

If you do want both, you should consider peach, coral, mauve, cream and, beige, white, black or even green lace materials.

Latest Cord lace Styles: Short or long sleeves?

The design of lace dress sleeves has shut beyond the sky. Thanks to great ingenuity from Nigerian fashion and stylish tailors. Nigerian lace styles are the deal.

You can either go for short slow eves, long, three quarter, flounce, one shoulder, off shoulder or sleeveless and armless. The choice is totally yours after all.

Even if you are on the plus level and you want to look a bit on the slim side for the coming event, don't forget to try out slim waste dress or bodycon as they may go along way to hide the excess weight and give you a slimmer appearance or better still go for a maternity dress style if pregnant.

Bodycon lace styles can always suit any lady irrespective of the age, height or any such other factor. But the perfect trick lies in the right choice of picking the right combination of accessories to match your dress.

Wrap up

That wraps it up on the top picks of aso ebi styles for this week. Do you have any other styles that you think should be featured in this post?Kindly let us know by using the contact form.


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