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What color shoes to wear with royal blue dress

If you are a stickler for the royal blue dress, then you've probably asked what color shoes to wear with a royal blue dress.

Although picking the basic color shoes or accessories with any shade of blue may look simple, but if you really want to dive into some weird color combinations, then you're probably going to be in for some extra treats.

Enough talk already. So, let's dive back into the topic

How do you accessorize a royal blue dress and what color shoes?

Here are the top 5 colors of shoes to match a royal blue dress

1. Royal blue dress and Beige shoes

A pair of beige shoes is a fashion item you don't want to leave out of your wardrobe.

I call them top fashion savers. Pair a pair of beige strap or pump heels with most colors of the dress and you should be good to hit the runway.

A royal blue dress matched with a pair of beige shoes is not an exception. In fact, it's a stylish and tip top look you can't possibly get wrong.

What more? Beige accessories are good to go with all varieties of skin hues and you can easily use it to tone down your looks for very bright dresses.

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Royal blue dress and white shoes

What color shoes to wear with royal blue dress?

You probably have heard the phrase "hate to love". Oh, yea, something so good that you love it. Buy well, you just hate it that you love it.

For most fashion peeps, a pair of white shoes is what you "hate to love"!

White is a neutral and easy color, and so white shoes are trendy for most dress colors.

For example, a pair of white heels with a royal blue dress, complete with grey or white clutch bag is so simple to come up with - yet so gorgeous.

But what do you hate love?

White shoes catch on to dirt as much as the catch the eye.

But, if your white shoes and a royal blue combo is only for the clean carpets, cool, you're off to go with this top stylish pick. If you doubt that, then you need to see it.

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Royal blue dress and black shoes

What color shoes to wear with royal blue dress?

Have you noticed that? That's because black is so neutral and so ubiquitous.

In fact, you can wear any dress - irrespective of the hues, style, cut or design with a pair of black shoes and look classy.

I mean really classy!

But wait, if everyone is wearing this look, shouldn't you come up with twists?


  • Experiment with different styles, designs, and cuts for your dress.
  • Complete the look with different and contrasting color for other accessories - most especially, a handbag or clutch bag.

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Royal blue dress and Silver shoes

If you still ask What color shoes to wear with royal blue dress, then you've probably not tried a royal blue dress and silver shoe combination.

Wear a royal blue dress and silver shoes and you'll be thrilled by the resulting blend of contrast and sheen.

And yes, it's a style that's definitely caught the freak of top actresses and fashion models.

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Royal blue dress and red shoes

If you've never been thrilled by any shoe combination with a royal blue dress, then you should try the trendy purple shoes.

And yes, purple shoes have become one of the most trendy choices among fashion celebs and actresses

The purple color draws not only draws attention to your feet, it brightens up your overall outfit.

But there's a warning!

This color combination is meant for the bold and - of course if you won't mind courting a tonne of eye rolls.

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Royal blue dress and Pink Shoes

If you think this is a style you won't be caught in, then you should think twice...

A pair of pink color shoes matches a royal blue dress real perfect. In fact, you can easily make a super classy appearance with a blue dress and pink shoes.

To make the most classy impression of grey and royal blue, make sure you ride a pair high heels.


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