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What color shirt goes with khaki pants

what color shirt goes with khaki pants

What do you love about Khaki pants? Well for me, it's about the versatility.

You can wear khaki pants with a wide range of different colors. Although, the "new saying" goes:

Different colors for different folks. But, if you want to know what color shirt goes with khaki pants, then you are on the good plane.

In this post, I will take you through different color shirts that match with a khaki pant.

But, don't forget, each of the colors on this list has its own strength. So, It may be wrong to conclude that a color goes with a khaki shirt more than the other.

Woo! I guess that depends on your preference.

Here we go...

What color shirts to wear with Khaki pants?

1. Khaki pant with white shirts

khaki pants with white shirts
khaki pants paired with white shirts

Can you wash white shirts with khaki pants?

Oh sure, if you want khaki pants and shirt color combination that fits all, then this is going to be your choice.

It's formal and at the same time casual, it looks simple and at the same time classy.

khaki trousers matched with white shirts

What's more?

i. A white shirt on top of a pair of Khaki trousers is good enough for different outings. You don't need to dress it down or dress it up to make it look stylish enough.

ii. It is also easy to accessorize. For your shoes and belts, both the ubiquitous black and the more gentle brown shades will give you your stylish and crisp looks.

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2. Light blue shirts paired with Khaki pants

Khaki is a cool color, so of course, you want to pair with an equally gentle color to bring out its chic looks.

Now, what other color cleans that sheet than the cool sky blue color shirts?

The khaki pants and sky blue shit color combination is soft on the eyes, good for different outings, a breeze easy to accessorize and equally gets the spring love.

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3. Match your grey shirts with Khaki pants

Khaki trousers worn with grey shirts

What color shirts to wear with Khaki pants? You've probably not tried a grey shirt and khaki pant color combination.

No other color combo gives you this effect!

Grey is neutral and khaki is soft. Hence, the grey color of the shirts creates a stylish contrast against the soft khaki color resulting in a crisp and ultra classy feel.

What more?

For a tip-top formal outing, you can add more classy contrast, just with a pair a pair of black or brown shoes and belt.

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4. Black shirts on Khaki pants

black tops on khaki trousers
Khaki Trousers and black top

Aside from pairing your Khaki pant with a grey pant, another color combination for khaki pants that you can't always get wrong is pairing your khaki pants with black shirts.

The black is neutral and so is the Khaki, but the resulting contrast from the two combinations gives your outing a perfectly chic and corporate dress sense that's easy easily matched with any color shoes of choice.

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5. Dark green shirts with Khaki pants

dark green shirt with khaki pants
pair dark green jackets on khaki trousers

Do you still ask what color shirts to wear with white pants?

Talking of simple, easy to match, crisp and classy combination, then you 've got to try a pair of khaki pants and a dark green shirt.

Much like any dark color shirts, the strength of the dark green shirts and khaki trousers lies in its pure contrast and classy feel.

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6. Navy blue shirts and Khaki pants

navy blue tops and khaki pants
Navy blue top and khaki pants

What color shirt goes with khaki pants?

Okay, let me say this is a dress sense that's not meant for everyone. Nevertheless, if you're not scared of putting that big office boss on his toes, then go for it.

The Navy blue shirts and Khaki trousers combination is ultra stylish and crisp - meant for the 'boss'.

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7. Beige shirts and Khaki Pants

what to wear with khaki pants for guys
what to wear with khaki pants for guys

Beige is another color shirt that goes with a khaki shirt.

The khaki color blends nicely with the beige color shirt to give you stylish look with a soft feel that is suitable for formal or casual outings.

To add more contrast to your outing, consider a pair of ultra black shoes and belts. And yes, brown shoes are also good to go.

what to wear with khaki pants female
what to wear with khaki pants for females

What more?

For a top executive feel, you can always complete your look with a navy suit.

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