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What color shoes to wear with burgundy dress

Stunning is the word!

It's time to dress the burgundy style. So, specifically, we will be dealing with "What color shoes to wear with a burgundy dress"

Now, dressing the burgundy style is not about wearing a beautiful burgundy dress and a pair of ill-matched shoes and looking like a .. you pick up on the Disney land.

It's about knowing the how to accessorize a burgundy dress.

What is burgundy anyway?

You can call it the new ubiquitous - cos, it's a color that is quickly taking over the fashion runway. Burgundy is a dark red color. Or better still, you may call it maroon or wine color.

The unique mix resulting from the dark shade of purple and its inherent red brilliance can be thanked for why a burgundy dress is often a choice dress for a wedding and then the red carpet.

Are you interested in the new burgundy trend?

In this post, you will read how to accessorize your burgundy dress and what color shoes to match with a burgundy dress.

So, What color shoes to wear with burgundy dress?

Burgundy dress with black shoes

Black is always stylish.

Black shoes and accessories can be termed as style savers. The reason is definitely simple: A pair of stylish black shoes matched with almost any dress color will almost always be a tip match.

The burgundy dress is not different. As a matter of fact, a pair of black heels with a burgundy dress is a gorgeous combination for any outing.

Stunning is not the word. It's an understatement. Megan Foxx slays the  Burgundy dress and black shoes
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The choice of shoes you can wear with the burgundy dress, black shoe combinations are also diverse: High and pointed heels, flats, pumps, and straps are elegant choices.

Do you doubt that? You can check out some of these black shoes with burgundy dress styles inspirations.

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Burgundy dress with Beige shoes

What color shoes to wear with burgundy dress? You can't possibly attend any fashion event or outing without running into the beige trend. Just like black shoes, the neutral beige shoes can pretty match a wide range of different dress colors pretty well.

While the black shoes match a burgundy dress due to color contrast, beige shoes paired with a burgundy dress matches it by playing down the color contrast resulting in a beautiful blend.

You can have a wide range of shoe designs to match this look: Strap shoes, pumps, flats and boots.

Eva Longorian's burgundy dress and beige shoes makes a gorgeous fashion rap.

The most important point to note however is that the style of shoes you can pair with this look can also depend on the wearer and the design of the dress.

Here's Blake Lively confidently pulling off the burgundy dress and nude shoe combination with ultra ease.

Blake Lively slays the Burgundy dress and nude shoes trend

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Burgundy dress with Metallic shoes

What color shoes to wear with burgundy dress?

Metallic shoes are good for adding brilliance to your dress and overall style. So, if you intend to go metallic with your burgundy dress, then pair your burgundy dress with silver and gold shoes.

Silver shoes give you the benefit of a neutral effect you can always get with grey color shoes plus elegant sheen and brilliance.

While burgundy dress with gold shoes is also cool, silver shoes stand out a bit more due to clear color contrast.

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Burgundy dress with Brown shoes

Brown colors and burgundy dress is a stylish choice for the cool and classy days.

There's a vast array of brown colors - and they all mostly go with burgundy. The reason is not far-fetched though since brown is a neutral color.

With burgundy dress color combination, a pair of brown heel is beau.

Just check out this picture of Jordin Sparks.

burgundy dress with brown shoes
Jordin Sparks rocking Burgundy dress and brown shoes

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Purple shoes with a burgundy dress

If you think this match seems a bit boring, then you're probably yet to try it out.

Granted that purple shoes paired with burgundy dress might not be the absolute - of course, compared to other colors. But, it's far from being a boring pair.

With the right match of other accessories, a burgundy dress and purple shoes can be a gorgeous fit.

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Burgundy dress with red shoes

If you are an adherent of the bright red color, then you should give this a try:

A pair of red strap heels worn with a burgundy dress in a totally fashionable way.

In fact, by pairing red shoes with a burgundy dress, you don't need to try too hard to look stylish. The combo itself is that elegant.

Any type of red shoes is okay - but, you should consider the best style of shoe for your specific dress design. What more? Complete the look with a small red purse or handbag.

Now, You got to see Andrian Lima pull it off!

burgundy dress and red shoes
Andrian Lima wearing a Burgundy dress with red shoes with a stylis touch

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