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List of Vocational Skills in Nigeria - 6 Handworks to Learn in Nigeria

list of vocational skills in nigeria

There's no better time to learn vocational skills in Nigeria than now.

It's the twenty-first century in Nigeria, to cope with the changing economy, you can't just choose to depend on white collar jobs anymore. They are not even there anyway.

Now, there are so many lucrative skills you can learn in Nigeria that can fetch you sufficient and enough money, not only to pay off all your bills - but also enough to have decent monthly savings.

Yes, in this same Nigeria, I read the story of a guy who rakes in more than N250,000 monthly just by turning old newspapers into paper bags.

So, here's a list of handworks in Nigeria you can learn and make good money doing them

What business can I do in Nigeria? Here we go..

Hairdressing vocational skills

You may be tempted to call this line of business an handwork for the ladies in Nigeria. But that was then.

The reality today is that hairdressing is fast becoming a go-to and profitable vocation skill for men and women in Nigeria.

To succeed in this business, you need a gentle touch and good creative skills. With those two, you can always make good money with this hairdressing.

Just like fashion design, hairdressing is a business that will always be in the trend. It simply has no substitute.

People must dress their hairs.

The learning duration varies depending on where you want to learn the skill and how easily you grasp.

House Painting business

If you don't mind smearing yourself with colors, then you are cool. You can make some side income as a painter in Nigeria.

House painting also features on the list of vocational skills in Nigeria.

although, this may not fetch you the kind of income to depend on it alone or be the best handwork for a lady - but it's definitely a good skill for a side income.

In fact, I knew some guys who used this business to pay some of their school bills, when I was in school.

Learning to be a painter doesn't have to take all your time too. A couple of months should get going in this handwork.

Fashion design business

Fashion design is one of the most lucrative skills in Nigeria. Well, not only in Nigeria but all over the world, with billions of dollar are spent monthly on dresses.

It's a huge opportunity for fashion designers.

I bet you can even come up with a list of some top fashion designers in Nigeria right? Talk of Yomi Casual, .....

Did you know how much these people are worth?

I can't tell you either. But they certainly make millions of Naira from their fashion brands.

So, if you are searching for a profitable handwork to learn in Nigeria. Then, fashion design is one.

Another great thing about this handwork is that the potential is unlimited. All it takes to succeed in your creative instinct and ability to network.

With fashion design skill, If you can unleash those rare creative design skills, then the sky is your beginning.

To learn fashion design in Nigeria, you will need to go for apprenticeship.

The duration of apprenticeship may vary depending on the fashion designer you intend to learn from. All the same, I take roughly 2 years to learn the skill and be proficient enough.

Phone Repair vocational skill in Nigeria

Well, I don't have to repeat the obvious!

Nigeria has the largest phone subscription in Africa. And yes, that's expected, owing to the huge population of Nigeria as a country.

But, the plus is the huge handwork opportunity that posits for Many Nigerian youths to explore and make a living.

Learning phone repair and setting up a phone repair business doesn't even have to take a whole of your time.

It's a light vocational skill you can easily do on the side with your day job - or some other businesses of yours.

What more? If you are a student in any of Nigerian Universities, then this can be a really profitable choice for you among vocational skills list.

To learn a phone repair business is also simple. You only need to approach any phone repairer close to you and indicate your interest to learn the business.

The duration of learning for phone repair also varies - all depending on how well you are able to grasp the skill. But, it's something you can easily learn within a year.

To set up a phone repair business also requires little capital. With less than N15,000, you're probably good to go.

Furniture making in Nigeria

Furniture making is another lucrative type of skill acquisition in Nigeria and make some good money with your skill.

To say the truth, furniture making is a business that will always be in demand as long as people build new houses - or even want to change the interiors of their homes.

This vocational skill is always in demand.

But then, unlike a phone repair business, or some of the other light handworks. Furniture making is a really demanding job. In fact, I don't think you can do it on the side.

It's a business you need to face with all your effort and make a ton of money from it.

Like other skill sets, to learn furniture making in Nigeria, you only need to enroll for apprenticeship, pay the fee and undergo the training.

The training period depends on how well you learn. But, on the average, you should think of roughly three years of hard learning to learn furniture making in Nigeria.

Photography skills

If you think that photography as a type of handwork to make money in Nigeria is dead, then you should have a rethink.

Yes, the proliferation of mobile phones and their modestly efficient cameras might have affected some of its income potentials.

But, the truth is that a real sophisticated camera and a well-trained photographer is mostly needed for major events in Nigeria.

So, that makes it a really lucrative business in Nigeria.

With this skill, you can make a good income when invited to wedding ceremonies or birthday parties to capture the fun memories.

Photography is also a good profitable side business for Nigerian students on campus. With this skill, you would rake in good money in most Nigerian campuses.

To learn photography, the requirement is the same for the other hand works in Nigeria; You need to enroll for apprenticeship.

The duration of training can be less than a year.

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