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British High Commission Lagos and How to get British passport in Nigeria

british high commission lagos

A British passport holder is like a citizen of the world. So, having a British passport comes with lots of benefits.

Of course, one of such is you can shuttle to and fro London - one of the major commercial hubs of the world at your leisure without any form of harassment.

That's a treasure if ask me...

But to get a British passport as a Non-British is not the easiest thing anyway.

But can you?

Yes, you can acquire a British passport even in Nigeria - and yes, as a non-British citizen by birth.

But, before you are eligible to hold a British passport, of course, you must be naturalized as a citizen of the United Kingdom.

The process of naturalization can come in either of these ways:

  • Conferment on the subject by her excellency the Queen
  • A verified request to be naturalized as a British citizen.

Forget about Commonwealth and the rest. The truth is that most countries of the world are now more conscious of their internal security than ever, so to get a British passport through the second method is a process that requires series of verification steps.

But, in case you want to go through that route; how do you obtain a British passport in Nigeria?

That's what this post is all about...

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First requirements for eligibility for a British passport

To be eligible for a British passport, must first satisfy the age requirement i.e all applicants must be 18 years and above to be eligible.

Once you are able to satisfy the minimum age requirement for eligibility, then you must satisfy the character and conduct requirement.

It's highly unlikely that the British passport would be issued to anyone with a past issue of crime, both criminal and financial.

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Acquiring a British passport by Birth

It's pretty easy to get a British passport by Birth. Well, that's not only applicable to Britain alone anyway. Citizenship by birth is pretty common in many of the developed countries of the world.

The process of applying for a British passport through this method only requires that you submit your birth certificate, parents' birth certificate, and marriage or divorce certificate, if applicable.

Your Birth certificate would be used as a proof of time and place of birth.

Once the British authorities have been able to confirm that you were truly born in the United Kingdom, then you would be issued a British passport.

British passport by Naturalization

Like I already stated, of many different ways to be issued a British passport, getting a British passport by application for naturalization is probably the most demanding method.

But, in case you want to go through that route, here are the steps.

The British Government has a portal which you can access via this link.........

Once you navigate to the British Government passport application portal via the above link, you would be requested to fill in some relevant questions.

Some of the questions, of course, would aim to know the reasons why you want to be naturalized as a British citizen.

Since these questions would be technically analyzed by a team of experts from the British Government agencies, you want to make sure your answers are as genuine as possible.

Moreover, your response to these questions would also be used to conclude whether or not you would be eligible for the British citizenship.

If you are able to scale through this first step, then you might be heading for the next verification steps.

Apply for British passport By Descent

Applying for the British passport by descent is another easy alternative to getting a British citizenship by birth.

To get a British passport through this method, you would need to tender a paper evidence that both or at least one of your parents are/is a British citizen.

You would be required to submit the evidence along with your application form for the British government officials to consider your application.

Once it has been confirmed that both or one of your parents is a British citizen and you satisfy other requirements, you would be eligible to be issued a British international passport.

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