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What color lipstick to wear with blue dress

blue dress red red lipstick jessica alba

Hi fashion conscious ladies, in this post, we are going to be telling you what color lipsticks to wear with a blue dress.

But why the blue dress anyway?

The blue color is one of the most dominant colors of dresses you are likely to come across on the street.

Blue is not only warm, it is also bright and affluent. The blue color is both stylish and elegant. Hence, it is no wonder that blue dresses are favorites on the fashion runway.

But, the only problem is that choosing the right color of makeup or lipstick for a blue dress can be a bit tricky - most importantly, for someone who is not really versed with color combinations.

So, what color of lipsticks to wear with a blue dress and how do you choose the right makeups for a blue dress?

That's the goal of this post. We 'll be presenting you with lipstick for royal blue dress.

Off we go!

Top Makeup colors for a blue dress

Blue dress and red lipsticks

Lipstick for navy blue dress? Red lipstick

This is one of the most obvious colors of lipstick and makeups that go with a blue dress. Wearing a red lipstick with a blue dress results in a bright and dashing contrast of color.

The red lipstick stands out against the blue dress which now serves as the background. This combination results in an overall dashing and gorgeous outfit.

What more?

There are different shades on red lipsticks that you can match with your blue dress:

Blue dress and ruby red lipstick

blue dress red red lipstick gal gadot

Blue dress and Crimson red lipstick

blue dress and blue lipstick jessica chastain

Blue dress and Candy red lipstick

lipstick for royal blue dress jessica alba

If you want a really bright red effect, wear a crimson red lipstick color with a blue dress. On the other hand, if you just want to tone down the brightness while still keeping the red taint,  then a ruby red lipstick is a stylish choice.

Blue dress and a brown Lipstick

makeup to go with navy blue dress

Lipstick for royal blue dress? Brown lipstick

Neutral colors are meant for toning down on the bright sides.

But can you wear a blue dress with a brown color lipstick? Oh yes, in fact, the brown lipstick and blue dress color combination can be your total class and a fashion day saver.

Particularly, you should pair a blue dress and brown lipstick when you intend to keep your overall outfit very simple - and yet stylish.

There are different shades of brown lipstick you can wear with a blue dress. And yes, caramel, tawny, cinnamon are all shades of brown makeup colors that go with a blue dress.

Makeup to go with navy blue dress? Brown

Blue dress and Fuscia pink lipstick

makeup ideas for royal blue dress amy jackson

Lipstick for blue dress? Fuscia pink

It's good to crave for the bright and sunny days. So, if that describes your sense of beauty, fashion, and style, then you are not only limited to the red lipstick and blue dress color combination.

The fuscia makeup color is another bright color that you can wear with a blue dress.

Fuscia is a light shade of pink color. So, a fuscia pink lipstick and blue dress color combination result in a bright contrast that adds sheen to your total ensemble and helps you to express your self in a colorful style.

Blue dress and a light pink lipstick

lipstick for royal blue dress karthika nair

lipstick for Navy blue dress? Blush pink lipstick

A light pink lipstick is another color of makeup you can wear with a blue dress. This is particularly meant for you if you don't want a bright contrast that comes with wearing a full pink makeup with a blue dress.

Additionally, if you want to add a shade of neutral and pink at the same time, you should go for this.

But, remember that your skin complexion can also influence how to choose a makeup for your dress. The blue dress and light pink lipstick look extremely brilliant and dashing on ladies with caramel or olive skins.

A blue dress and a royal beige lipstick

best lipstick ideas for blue dress jennifer lopez

Makeup ideas for royal blue dress? Beige lipstick

The blue color is royal and affluent - and that is why we often see them being worn by beautiful actresses and celebrities.

It is bright and bold.  But, what if you want to tune down the tempo and go for a more gentle lipstick color?

Beige lipstick comes to your rescue on.

A beige makeup goes absolutely well with a navy of royal blue dress, particularly if you with a bright and olive complexion.

makeup for blue dress jennifer lopez

But that doesn't mean that this makeup choice is not stylish enough for other complexions


Like I already said at the beginning of this post, it can be a bit tricky selecting the right makeup or lipstick for a blue dress. But, it's not a difficult thing to do.

If you are not well versed in color combination, then this post can help you get started. You can confidently wear any of these lipstick colors for a blue dress.

Have you tried any of the makeup colors mentioned in this post - or do you have other lipstick suggestions we haven't mentioned?

You can share the tips in the comment.

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