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How to Check if a Company is Registered in Nigeria

how to check if a company is registered in nigeria

A lot of things go into doing businesses with companies in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

There is the issue of trust, fraud, privacy and the rest. Many promising startups have had to be closed down because they entered into wrong partnerships and they were defrauded.

An urgent call was necessary to regulate the system and that led to the introduction of Nigeria's Corporate Affairs Commission in the year 1990.

The Corporate Affairs Commission is an agency of the Government that monitors the overall processes of company registration and management in Nigeria.

The corporate affairs commission manages the database of all approved and registered companies in Nigeria.

How do they work?

For any business owner who wants to do a business with a partner company in Nigeria, the first item on the menu table is to ensure that the partner company in question is a trusted, legitimate and verified company.

Doing that a few years ago entailed heading to the nearest brick and mortar office of the corporate affairs commission in your state.

Yes, the introduction of the Corporate Affairs Commission helped to significantly reduce the number of reported fraud cases being reported due to business transactions.

Don't mind the hurdle you need to cross to get such information then. It was absolutely worth it.

However, the Corporate Affairs Commission has launched its service portal which makes it possible for to verify if a company or business is registered in Nigeria just by going to the agencies' portal and searching for the company's registration status.

And yes... it's much more effective.

So, let's get it started right off the bat...

How to check if a company is registered in Nigeria

Step 1. Go to the service portal of the corportat Affairs commission website CAC website. Select "Public service" on the resulting page.

Step 2. That action will redirect you to the CAC's search page.

Step 3. Right inside a field that states "Search recorded by Name", enter the name of the company you want to verify.

Step 4. Verify that you are not a robot. To do this, click on the square box below the search field and click on the search button.

For a company that is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, the result will display the name of the company, the RC number of the company, the company address and the date the company was registered with the CAC.

For a company that is still undergoing approval processes, the result will show "Undergoing Registration" in the field meant for the date of registration and "Not yet assigned" for the RC number.

For a company that is neither registered nor initiated its registration process with the Corporate Affairs Commission, the result is totally empty.

Final thoughts

As it has already been stated at the beginning of this post, the Corporate Affairs Commission was introduced to ensure minimize the risk of fraud in business interactions and ensure transparency in business dealings.

So, it is absolutely necessary to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you are a business or company agent who intends to initiate business dealings or partnership with another company, the first and even the most important action is to verify the authenticity of such a company.

And yes, all it takes to do that is just too long on to the CAC service portal and make a couple of few clicks. The steps are simple - but very effective in minimizing the risk level of your business dealings.

Have you used the Corporate affairs commission website before and what has been your experience? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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