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How to make money from mobile phone repair business in Nigeria

Have you considered making money in Nigeria as a mobile phone repairer? If not, then you might have been missing some bucks.

Now, I will be telling you how to start a phone repair business in Nigeria and make money from it.

So, read on. Why is Mobile phone repair business in Nigeria a good option?

Nigeria has highest Mobile phone users in Africa

Yes, you read that right, there are millions of registered mobile phone users in Nigeria. And yes, a certain percentage of that figure owns more than one mobile device.

Of course, like every other gadget, mobile phones do develop faults.

So, what if you fix the faults and make your own bucks, while you sit on the couch and snacks Doritos?

That's just what this article is all about and I will show you how to start a phone repair business in Nigeria and make money doing it.

Low Start up cost

Another very intriguing thing about phone repair business is the low start-up capital required to for the business. Really, Just get yourself some screws and yes, you're good to go.

So, to get started, what you probably need more is your expertise.

You can easily run it with another business

Most mobile phone repair services hardly take your time. so, it's a business you can easily run along with another business.

Let me give you a case study:

A brother of mine that's presently in this business runs it along with a computer center. I know another person who runs his mobile phone repair service along with his newly established nursery and primary school.

Now, I call that a multiple streams of income.

It's a profitable side hustle  even for a student campus

Many phone repair services require minor services. For example, the phone needs to be unlocked or flashed, the screen needs to be changed or the case needs to be replaced.

Done deal!

So, your repair jobs don't have to suck up your study time.

And yes, you may charge anywhere between N500 to N10000 as a service cost depending on the fault or the phone model. What's more? You control the cost.

It's called a profitable side income.

How to become a Phone Repairer in Nigeria

So, knowing that you can pretty turn a phone repair business into a profitable source of income. Here comes the crux of the topic.

How do you start a phone repair business in Nigeria and make money from it?

Let's set the ball rolling

1. Go for Apprenticeship:

Just like any business you want to venture into. A phone repair business requires that you learn the skills.

But what if got some other jobs keeping you busy or a student on campus?

Easy, you will just make it known that you'll only be coming over in the evening or during the weekend.

What more? A phone repair skill is something you can learn within a year of a couple of months depending on how quick you can grab tech stuff.

You only need to find out a reputable phone repairer around your base and make your decision known to him. Now, if you're based on campus as a student, then that becomes easy.

2 Stay updated within the field

The mobile world technology is one of the most dynamic technology in the world. It's easy to remember how mobile phones have transitioned from being a walking-talking to Symbian phones, and then Android operating systems.

So, to stay relevant in this business, you must consciously update yourself with new phone releases and how to solve various issues specific to different on phone brands.

You can even do that with the aid of Google, Youtube or IFIXIT.

Another option you may consider to up your game is to pick a particular phone brand that is in good demand and specialize on it.

3. Purchase The Required Tools

After spending a couple of months to a year as an apprentice with a phone repairer, then the hard part of the game is already gone.

The next step is to set up yourself as a phone repairer. All you need is to purchase the needed tools. Luckily, most of the tools you would be using are sold together in a kit except the Multimeter, Adhesive tape, and just a few others.

Yes, you can set up yourself as a phone repairer in Nigeria with less than N15,000 start-up cost.

Here's a quick list of some of the tools you would be using for your phone repair business:

  • Screwdriver
  • Adhesive tape
  • Tweezers
  • Multimeter
  • Magnifying lamp
  • LCD tester
  • Cleaning brush
  • Soldering iron
  • Battery tester

How to succeed in phone repair business in Nigeria

1. Be Straightforward

That means being able to tell a client the truth on the status of his phone and what needs to be done to restore it back to normal. Doing that makes you win their trust and brings you more clients recommendation.

2. Be true to your promises

Your clients would value it when you give a deadline for phone collection and you meet up with the deadlines.

3. Up your game

New phone brands and models come up every day. To succeed in a phone repair business means that you need to keep learning.

4. Expand

Even though you can make enough side income just repairing phones for your clients. You can easily increase your income potential by expanding your business to cover software installations, sales of phone accessories and recharge cards.

Wrapping up

Phone repair business is one of the hidden source of income in Nigeria most especially for youths and campus students.

Fortunately, as a business, phone repairing services have a low barrier to entry and a good potential to expand.

Have you thought of starting a phone repairing business in Nigeria before?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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