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What color shoes with a navy suit

what color shoes to wear with a navy suit

A navy suit is one of the most desired suit for the male folks. It's a symbol of style, elegance and class.

But, we often come across questions bordering on navy blue suit, shirt and tie combinations. For instance: What color of shoes to wear with a navy suit. If you are just a curious on that, then this post is for you!

History of a Navy blue suit

A navy blue suit got its name from the dark-blue color suits and pants which serves as the official uniform of most naval personnel around the world.

It has a rich and long history which dates back to the 16th-century British military.

Then, a British military officer was required to wear a gorgeous dark-blue uniform complete with a white glove.

Why a Native suit?

A navy color suit is always a stylish choice, one suit that men like to wear to different types of events, formal or informal.

The dark-blue navy color suit has become the new black for all formal outings. Hence, a Navy color suit is one of the most common suits to wear to the office.

But, it can be a bit tricky to accessorize correctly, most especially for someone who develops "some butterflies" when it comes to color matching.

So, if you want to know how to accessorize a navy suit or what color shoe with a navy suit, then this post is for you.

How to Choose the right accessories for your suit

The choice of accessories you wear with your navy suit has a lot to do with your preferences, taste or sense of fashion, but there are some common themes:
  • Color of accessories
  • Type of accessories
  • Accessories pairing

First, be fit.

To cut it to the chase, most of the tips in this post may not work effectively for you if you wear the wrong size of suit, navy, black or grey suit.

There’s not much that color matching can do to fix a long, hanging, oversize suit that turns a gentleman to an Hallowe'en or a Furby, ready to be picked up on Disney.

So, the first rule of fashion and style still holds: Go fitting and look fit. Therefore, if you want to order your suit online, make sure it’s the right size.

Most fashion items come with a return policy, so no prob.

But, I would recommend a custom sewn suit, where the suit is tailor-made for your measurement.

Even though it seems like a more costly option, it gives you more control on the trim.

So here we go!

What color of shirts to wear with a navy color suit?

1. A White color shirt on Navy suit

White is a neutral color. So, don’t be surprised if it comes top on our choice of colors of shirts that go with a navy suit.

As we all know, neutral colors are the awesome nature's color gifts for the fashion world.

You can easily wear neutral color accessories on every other colored dress to give yourself a stylish dress sense. Forget rioting.

So, a white color long sleeve shirt with a navy color suit is also a stylish way to turn yourself into a boss, not only on your desk but also on the office walkway.

But, don’t cut it short, the classic trend is the long sleeve trend.

i. Purple tie, black belt and shoes combination

For a white on navy style, your white shirt forms a perfect contrast with the color of your suit resulting in a classic combination. So, go for a purple or black color tie, a black belt and a pair of black shoes. The choice is yours on tie to pick, a long tie or a stylish bow tie.

blue suit black belt

But, make sure the color of your tie matches the color of your suit.

ii. Brown tie, brown belt and shoes combination

Alternatively, you can equally go for a shade of brown colors. All you need is a brown color belt, a brown color pair of shoes.

If you want an extra touch of navy, a navy color tie will form a nice contrast with your whit shirt. Alternatively, you may just add an extra layer of brown contrast with a brown color cotton linen bow tie or a knit tie.

blue suit brown shoes what color tie

2. A Grey color shirt on Navy suit

Remember the first rule of dress color combination? Being on the neutral is always a safe side.

So, a cool choice of shirt color you can always pull off with a navy blue shirt is a grey color shirt.

A grey on navy style is a top classy men's style, most common for the work or office space.

Grey is a cool neutral color, so, this style is most ideal for someone who wants to showcase a top office dress sense, without having to shout at the top of the roof.

i. Grey tie, navy trouser, black belts and shoes

The grey color pattern bow tie blends with the color of the shirt but forms a stunning contrast with your navy suit. You can rock this look flawlessly with a pair of black color shoes and a black color belt.

what color shoes to wear with black pants

ii. Grey tie, navy trouser, black belts and shoes

If you want an extra layer of grey, a stylish way to do that is to pair a grey trouser with your navy suit. This extra grey effect is not just cool, it is a perfectly classy for men.

navy blue suit shirt and tie combinations

iii. Grey shirt and trouser, Brown know or bow tie with brown belts and shoes

Finally, a more appealing way to rock the grey shirt on navy suit look is to employ shades of brown to bring in the gorgeous contrast. ii. Grey tie, navy trouser, black belts and shoes

All you need for that is the touch of a brown color tie, a brown belt and brown pair of shoes.

grey suit brown shoes what color shirt

3. Light blue shirt on a navy Color suit

If you want to create the stunning all-blue effect, a light blue shirt on a navy blue suit is a sure way.

For a stylish light blue shirt on navy suit feel, you have a good choice of colors to accessorize with:

All navy stuff

The first choice is what we love to call a navy on navy effect. This means rocking a navy color tie, complete with a navy color scarf on your navy suit.

For a top appeal, you may pick a tie with subtle color patterns. Also, you can wear this style with a pair of black color shoes.

blue suit brown shoes what color tie

Shades of brown

If you love experimenting with colors, then, there is no limit to your imagination. So, finally, what other ways to make a lasting impression with your navy suit outfit?

Bring in your brown genius. To accessorize your light blue shirt on navy suit for this classy look, all you need is a brown tie, a brown belt and a brown pair of shoes.

navy suit brown shoes wedding

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