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9 Best Hairsprays for Holding Curly or Straight Hairs

A good hairspray is one of the coolest haircare products you don't want to miss.

Hair sprays help to hold your hair in place, gives it some volume and sheen and also prolong the period of your hairdo. Besides, that hair sprays smell good. Okay, not really kidding you on this. We all love something that smells nice and awesome.

But, then like any other beauty product, the right or best hair sprays for your hair is not only the ones that smell good and keep your hair in place. It is also the one that is comfortable on you.

So, here are some of our picks for the best hairsprays for your hair.

Now, if you want to buy your best hair sprays which ones should you go for?

Aveda Control forces Firm hair Spray $28.83

best weightless hairspray

Love some lavender flavor? This is one for you!

From the name, the Aveda control hairspray smells so much like lavender. It helps to keep your hair looking awesome and full.

Not only that, if you are a busy mom or office lady who doesn't get much of the 24 for a frequent trip to the salon. The Aveda Control forces can help to keep your hairdo for a much longer period.

RUSK Being Sexy Hairspray

moroccanoil luminous hairspray where to buy

What we like about this hairspray is the ease with which you can pull off a light, shiny and touchable hold for a good range of hair types.

You also want to pick this product if you want a combination of lovely sheen and a really long hold.

But, what you'll probably love most is the great feel it leaves on your hair at a medium cost of $15.20

MoroccanOil Luminous Medium Spray $19.87

moroccanoil luminous hairspray strong review

The Moroccan Oil Luminous Medium Spray is best for your hair if you just want a medium hold for your hair.

One more reason to pick this is for the shining effect it leaves on your hair.

The Moroccan oil gently holds your hair in place, so, it's a good choice if you only need a more relaxed hold on your hair.

Oribe Superfine Hairspray

best hairspray for dry hair

Just like the Moroccan Oil luminous hair spray, the Oribe Superfine Hairspray gives your hair a more relaxed or medium hold.

It's awesome if your want some gentle or soft feel on your hair. It also smells great and keep your hair refresh.

But, pick it only if you want a medium hold on your hair.

Living Proof Flex Hairspray $17.86

best hairspray for frizzy hair

The living proof flex hairspray gives your hair some flexible finishing touches.

It's a good choice if you need a single hair care product to style your, hold and extend the lifetime of your hairdo.

Kenra Perfect Medium Spray

best hairspray for curly hair

This hairspray gives your hair the right mix of control and volume. Besides that, the Kenra Perfect Medium Spray makes touching your hair a breeze.

What more? It leaves some finishing touches and great sheen effects on your hair even though it comes at a really low cost of $7

Joico flip Turn mesmerising hairspray $10.69

A full volume of hair does look gorgeous.

But, it comes at a cost: A good hairspray that adds volume to your hair.

The Joico mesmerizing not only makes your hair soft, it also adds some volume to it without leaving a sticky feel.

Ouai Memory Mist Hairspray - $30

curl enhancing spray for straight hair

The Ouai memory hairspray protects your hair from extreme heat and drying out. It's also good for conditioning your hair texture.

If you only want a low-cost hairspray, this may not be your pick. But, it doesn’t really seem too expensive at $30.00.

Ouai Wave Spray, Travel Size

curly hair spray bottle

The Ouai Wave Spray travel size is one of the best weightless hairspray you want to buy. It's a lightweight curl enhancing spray for straight hair. Using Ouai Wave can give your hair a natural non-crunchy natural wave.

Now, if you ask: what products to use to curl straight hair? The Ouai spray travel size is a good choice to make straight hair wavy without heat.

It comes with a rice protein infusion that nourishes and keeps your hairstyle for a long time before your next visit to the salon.

It comes at a price of $21.64.


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