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Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria

richest musicians in nigeria

It is easy to come up with a list of one or two musicians who are deemed to be the richest in Nigeria.

Nonetheless, think of a list featuring 10, 20 or even 30 richest musicians in Nigeria?

That seems a bit of a thick nut to crack. It's a pretty hard job, right? Firstly, many Nigerian musicians would do any thing to show off but would they tell you how much green or red lights their bank accounts show?

Not that we know of! Worst still, we can't just tell who is the the richest musician in Nigeria by the number of gucci or versace exhibits on display via their instagram.

Be that as it may, we've done a pretty nice job at compiling a list of the richest musicians in Nigeria. That's by taking into account the Forbe's 2017 report. The report factors in a set of indices which include side business, Endorsement deals and property acquisition.

But wait, you can tell some of the top gunners that are expected to be on this list already.

Who are they?
Top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria.


richest musicians in nigeria

P-Square can be rockoned as the the most successful group currently rocking the stage of Nigerian music scene. This group has a lot of factors going for it. Infact, it has to its credit some of the greatest hits in Nigerian hip hop genre.

P-Square is also considered as the most expensive ambassador presently on the network of Globacom telecommunication – A telecommunication industry that is currently one of the largest in Nigeria. The highly popularised deal [ Dance with Peter ] turned out as a massive hit with more than 3 million Youtube views.

More so, the group also got a another fantastic deal with Olympic milk. Hence, it comes as no surprise seeing them on top of our list of the riches musicians in nigeria.


richest musicians in nigeria

Don Jassy can be best labelled as a producer and mentor to many withing the Nigerian music space than a musician. He is the CEO of Maving Records - one of the most influencer record labels in Nigeria.

The man with a baritone voice has a lot of stuff up his sleeves as far as success and versatility is concerned when talking of music.

Furthermore, Don Jazzy is well respected for his charisma and has a great deal of endorsement signings with many brands in Nigeria and internationally, some of which include Lola Milk and even Samsung.

3. 2FACE

richest musicians in nigeria

Popularly called Tubaba or Tuface. Innocent Idibia is far from being an unknown name in Nigeria's music space. In fact he has to his credits some of the greatest hip hop hits in Nigeria and internationally. One of such is the evergreen hit: African queen.

Being one of the 90's plantashun boiz sensation, Tuface is a highly respected icon by many up coming musicians in Nigeria.

What more, owing to the success of his other internationally acclaimed hits, this musical mega star has landed mouth watering endorsement deals. One of such is a role as one of the Judges Airtel's mega ambassador.


richest musicians in nigeria

Are you really searching for another music mega star to place on the top spot. You won't find none other than the Eja nla of Nigeria's music industry.

The fine CEO of DB Records is not confined to the world of Naija pop culture. He has ventured into the world of entrepreneurship by starting his processing and packaging company for farm produce.

Don't it twisted, this man is one of the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria presently.


richest musicians in nigeria

Wizkid is one of the finest and the Nigerian Mega Acts today. He's fondly called "Wizzy boy". The "star boy" boasts of massive social medial following that rakes up to millions of fans across twitter and instagrams.

One of Wizkid's first successful hits, "Holla at your boy" became a great hit locally in Nigeria and internationally. But the fine star has not relented.

He has featured and has been featured by great international musical acts like Drake and Trey Songs. He's no doubt one of the riches musicians in Africa and Nigeria.


richest musicians in nigeria

Don't deny the fact. What is the fact anyway? Davido is one the top musical sensations in Nigeria and Africa as a continent.

Okay, he may seem a bit controversial but he sure has great hits to his credits and massive followings on social medial. He's an ambassador for the telecommunication company MTN and Sony Africa Music.

If you wonder how he features on the list of the richest musicians in Nigeria, you may need to dig up the facts: Coz Davido has 30 billion naira in his accounts. So, don't blame forbes for placing him on the list.


richest musicians in nigeria

The "Ada Ada" singer features on the list of the riches musicians in Nigeria. The likable personality does seem like Mr though guy – but don't judge him by his looks: dread locks and black specs.

Flavour has won a good deal of endorsement deals with large brands. As such, it's no surprise that he is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria.


richest musicians in nigeria

Bankole Wellington is not a new face when it comes to musicians in Nigeria. Popularly known as "Mr Capable" as a result of one of his hits that turned out as a great sensation.

The Lagos born music star has a huger following both in Nigeria and on the continent of Africa. Banky W is also the CEO of EME Records.

He is well respected not only for being a major influence to the rise of many young and promising musicians in the country, he how proven himself as a musician to beat by coming up with great hits.

Seeing Banky W on the Forbe's list of the richest musicians in Nigeria comes as no surprise afterall.

9. ASA.

richest musicians in nigeria

Asa is one fine and steady singer. Think of the popular cliche: Slow and steady wins the race. That seems to be the best way to describe Asa's musical beats and vocal prowess.

Bukola Elemide, known mostly by her stage name Asa has a lots of international awards and accolades trailing her musical career. The Nigerian singer who is also French citizen has loads of talents and that has helped her climb the ladder as one of the riches musicians in Nigeria.


richest musicians in nigeria

Iyanya's journey into music can be traced to his success at MTN Project fame. But the highly athletic musician has not relented in his effort to be one of the greatest musicians in Nigeria.

Now, don'tbe deceived by the strong face and the highly ripped body, rumor has it that he does seem like a nice and cool headed guy.

Iyanya has come up with a number of top hit songs like "Kukere" and has since carved a good niche for himself and rose to become one of the richest musicians in Nigeria.

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