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25 Beautiful Nigerian Girls Names for Expectant Mums

nigerian girls names

Nigeria is a country with more than 250 ethnic tribes. No wonder it has diverse rich and beautiful cultures.

One of the trappings of such diversities in the country is more pronounced in the choice of names for the new born babies.

While all the names are beautiful, someone from a different tribe may not easily grab the meanings of such names.

Interestingly, we often hear a lot of such names on a daily basis. In this post, we 've come up with some of the most beautiful and common nigerian female names, their origins and the meanings.

What more? If you've been looking for a cute Nigerian female name for a new born baby, you may just fall in love with some of the names on this list.

25 Beautiful Nigerian girl names for expectant mothers

1. Adaeze
Meaning: A princess or a king's daughter
Origin: Igbo tribes of Nigeria

2. Farra
Meaning : A cause for joy, merry making or celebration
Origin: Of the Hausa tribes

3. Gambo
Meaning: A child that is born after a twin
Origin: Of the Hausa tribes

4. Adaego
Meaning: Daughter of wealth or good fortune
Origin: Of the Igbo tribe in Nigeria

5. Durah
Meaning: A person that is well bred, or well fed
Origin: Of the Hausa tribes

6. Emilohi
Meaning: God is the greatest
Origin: Yoruba

7. Ejura ma’jadu bie
Meaning: A person who is prosperous should not forget to save for his future
Origin: of Igala tribes

8. Adaego
The Meaning: Daughter of wealth
Origin: Igbo

9. Abodunde
The Meaning: A child that is born during the yuletide period Christmas
Origin: Yoruba

10. Boma
Meaning: Blessing, abundance or prosperity
Origin: Kalabari

11. Jaiyesimi
Meaning: Enjoy the good things of life with peace of mind
Origin: Yoruba

12. Kamharida
Meaning: I shall not fall or falter
Origin: Igbo

13. Digiola
Meaning: Mirror of wealth
Origin: Yoruba tribe

14. Ndianaabasi
Meaning: An Efik name which means "I'm close to God"
Origin: Efik

15. Adebisi
Meaning: A new addition to the royal family
Origin: Yoruba

16. Raluchukwu
Meaning: Leave everything to God or Let God be the judge
Origin: of Igbo tribe

17. Douere
Meaning: Being patient or peaceful
Origin: Ijaw

18. Uyaiabasi
Meaning: The beauty of God
Origin: Efik tribe

19. Yahimba
Meaning: There is no place that can be like home
Origin: of Tiv tribe in Nigeria

20. Zauna
Meaning: To be alive
Origin: of the Hausa tribes of Northern Nigeria

21. Isoken
Meaning: A person who is content with his destiny / Not being covetous
Origin: of Benin Tribe

22. Tamararuemi
Meaning: There is God
Origin: of the Ijaw tribe

23. Tujuka
Meaning: Be Merry, Joyful or Cheerful
Origin: of the Yoruba tribe in Southwest Nigeria

24, Iyabo
Meaning: The late paternal Grand mother has returned into the family
Origin: Yoruba

25. Folakemi
Meaning: Prosper me with wealth
Origin: Yoruba

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