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Top Fashion Blogs In Nigeria

Fashion and style is something that we all crave for. The reason is simple: Who doesn't want to look great.

This has led to the growth of fashion industry in the past few years - most importantly via the online medium where fashion bloggers are breaking ice and raking in the bucks: Think of endorsement deals and sponsorships.

But, hey if you think that's only limited to the US and UK fashion space, you may want to thing twice, Nigerian fashion blogs are big bombs!

If you need to know some of these top fashion blogs in Nigeria, we've come with a nice and interesting list:

Top Fashion Blogs in Nigeria

Bella Naija

Bella Naija is one of the oldest blogs in Nigeria. The blog which predated LindaIkeji's blog is also one of Nigeria's most influencer fashion blogs.

Bela Naija features a wide range of topics including hair styles for the ladies and nice haircuts for men, celebrity fashion tips and the latest and trending fashions on instagram.

BellaNaija is also a blog to follow if you're keen on the world of modeling and top make up tips.

The blog was created in ..... by Uche Pedro and has since then undergone series of switches. It now covers a much wide range of topics including celebrity gossips and lifestyle.

The Fashion Engineer

The fashion Engineer is one interesting blog to follow on the latest make up tips and trends.

The blog creator, Sayedero Enitan does a really interesting job here. One of such is by featuring her wardrobe collections in what she calls " What I wore today ".

Jadore Fashion

Like the Fashion engineer, Jadore fashion is another interesting blog to follow. This blog also features the authors' wardrobe collections, tips on fashion and the latest wears.


Madivas Magazine is no small blog when it comes to Nigerian fashion niche.

This blog has ganered years of credibility to its name with hundreds of thousands of facebook followers and instagram fans.

What more? It is up dated daily with new series of interesting posts on fashion, heirstyles and even recipe tips. It is safe to say that this blog is mostly targeted at the Nigerian female audience.


Kamdora is another leading fashion blog in Nigeria. It's similar to MadivasMag in that the blog is daily updated and targeted at the same audience.

But then, Kamdora does have something extra, you can easily order for some of your desired fashion items on its shop and get it delivered to your address.

This blog covers topics from hairstyle, skin cares to trends and make up tips.


This site is worth of mentioning with more than 100,000 unique monthly visitors. But then, it may suffice to say that Diyanu is more of an Ecommerce site with a slight tint of blogging to it.

It mainly focuses on African wears.


It seems a bit tricky to group this awesome blog as a fashion blog. But then, going by the contents published on the blog, it sure qualities as one interesting fashion blog to check out.

Much of the contents focuses on wedding fashion and awesome bride styles like Ankara styles, Lace styles and wedding gowns. The blog also features an online shop where you can order for wedding dresses.

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