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4 Signs a married man wants to sleep with you

What are the signs a married man wants to sleep with you? A relationship goes beyond merely talking and gisting, texting and a few minutes calling.

We 've often found ourselves in some form of complex relationships. One of such is when one party is interested in taking such a relationship to the romantic level while the other is only interested in keeping it rather platonic.

But what if he happens to be a married man?

That makes it more delicate! You don't want to dive into a relationship with him to the detriment of wasting a good deal of your time. And of course, you don't want to hurt another woman like yourself.

Therefore, let's look at the signs that will easily give him up whenever he's trying to find his green flash...

1. He bumps into you often

One of the behavioral telltale signs of attraction is that you 'll always long to see the person you are attracted to.

You want to his or her latest hairstyles, her dress sense. And in facts, you want to see his or her charisma on display every single minute you are opportune.

This can often start from paying more attention to such persons more often than others in your college class or at a place of work. At the extreme end of it, you are tempted to stalk them to their favorite supermarkets, and gym houses.

You've just been stung by the love bees.

Hence, if he seems to bump into you every single time you go out, he might have just been stalking on you for sometime. Is he married, you may need to watch your steps and give him what he deserves: The Red Card.

2. He's suddenly "interested" in your interests

Perhaps you've been there:
You 've just met this dude at your friend's prom and of course, he appears to be nice. Someone you would love to keep as friends. So you exchanged contacts.

But there's a twist:

Why does this guy seem to be interested in the same hobby as yours?
And the same football team?
And your pop icon is just the same as his?
She also gym twice a week?
And the same grocery store around the corner from your place?
He's probably into you... and to make the matter worse, if he's married, sorry he probably doesn't want anything more serious from you: He wants to sleep with you.

You don't want to hurt his wife, and you don't want to joke around with your own time? Just Say NO....

3. He buys you gifts.

Let's face it: Every human is selfish. Series of psychological and behavioral research reports have proven it.

But what if he buys you gifts, every single time and even offers to take you on a shopping spree to your favorite boutique and he is married?

And he says he does it just because he only likes your company!

Watch it! He probably wants something from you in return.

Let's be straight to the point if he's not Santa, he's not got the white flurry beards and he doesn't doll out his good natures to every other random peep, he's probably into you and he wants to sleep with you.

You may have to cut him off.

4. He gives you more attention

Does he appear to give you more attention than other peeps around? Alternatively, he happens to be your picky boss in the office who jeers at every freaking stuff.

But you are always on the right side with him every freaking seconds? You may need to be cautious. Who knows? He's probably into you!

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