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Nigerian Lace Dresses, Designs, Styles and How to Accessorise them

nigerian lace styles dress

Howdy Nigerian fashionistas! We' got a gist for you here: Nigerian lace dresses are some of the hottest trends in the world of fashion. Ha ha!

In this post, we present to you some awesome Nigerian lace styles you would love to keep for your cupboard.

But wait, you obviously want to take a peak at our very own gorgeous Nollywood Diva, Mercy Aigbe in this Nigerian lace dress.

orange lace styles

So, why do lace dresses gain prominence among the Nigerian fashion folks? There are a couple of reasons for that:

  • Lace dresses are light wears
  • Nigerian Lace dresses are beautiful and can be styled into different designs
  • Lace dresses come in different unique styles
  • Nigerian Lace dresses though expensive are perceived to be classy
  • Lace fabrics can be easily used as attache for other fabrics to create a fantastic mix
  • Lace dresses are easy to pair with different types of accessories
  • Nigerian lace dresses can be worn to different types of outings: engagement, naming ceremonies or as aso ebi for wedding

In short lace dresses are game. But what are the latest Nigerian lace dresses that are currently making the fashion trend?

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Here they are: Nigerian lace dresses.

1. Cord lace style dresses

styles of lace material

Like other types of lace, cord laces can be designed into different types of styles and dresses like a cord lace short gown style or long gowns.

2. Stunning French lace

French lace dresses are also very common among Nigerians. A french lace dresses are more tender – or you may call it lighter.

What kind of styles can you sewn with a french lace material?

  • Lace tops
  • Lace skirts
  • Lace bodycon dress
  • Lace pencil dress
  • Lace iro and buba
  • Lace buba and soro

Choice of Accessories
As a matter of fact, the choice of accessories for a cord lace dress has to do with the style of the dress, wether short or long gown lace dresses or the color of the dress.

But, to cap it, we 'll present you with a set of basic rules:

a. Length of dress

i. Accessories for a short gown lace dress:

For shoes, short and high heels, pumps and flat are good choices that you can go for.

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The earrings can be short or long. Ear studs is also a fantastic choice of jewelry to select.

ii. Accessories for a long gown cord lace dress

Like short lace gowns, short heels, flats and pumps are ideal choices of shoes and women sandals for your dress.

For jewelries, short or long earrings are Ear studs can be worn with a long lace dress.

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b. Color of dress

As stated earlier, the color of dresses in question determines the color of accessories to pair with your lace dress.

There are diverse selections of colors out there. Hence, we have decided to ..... with a basic template that can easily match different colors of lace dresses.

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The selection is based on four different types of color matching:

  • Neutral colors...
  • Analogous colors...
  • Complementary colors

i. Accessories for Neutral color lace dresses: [ ]

Black or any type of dark color head wrap, hats or gele is the best choice for a neutral lace dress.

Black or neutral pair of shoes and sandals are good to go.

Go for a white pair of shoes or sandals. Stock

For Earrings, neutral color earrings paired with same neutral or black necklaces. Here's a perfect example of such color combination

ii. Accessories for bright color lace dresses: [ ]

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c. Types of outings

Lace dresses can be worn to different types of outings. Such outings include wedding, cocktail parties, prom, naming ceremonies and house warming.

How does this information matter?

The type of outings you intend to attend can dictate the choice of the Nigerian lace dress or style of design that would be applicable. Okay, here are some tips to help make the right selects:

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For a casual outing, you can easily pull off a raven lace sleeve short gown dress, a cap sleeve knee length or an off shoulder contrast lace dress.


For a business, corporate or formal dress, you can go for a round or v neck short or long lace gown. Lace top with plain skirt or pants or lace skirts with plain blacers are also cool.


Just like we have presented in this post. Nigerian lace dresses are gorgeous, trendy, stunning and trendy.

But, what's the summary?
  • Go for the right select of dress.
  • Pick the right accessories.
  • Dress fabulously!

And have yourself a really chic day at work..

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Avoid extremely pointed pointed heels. French lace dresses are lighter and can easily be ripped by pointed heels. Needless to say that can cause injuries to the wearer. For earrings, long and short color-matching earrings are to be selected.

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