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5 symptoms of clogged pores and how to correct it

Everyone loves to have a glowing and attractive skin..

But, for many, to get that attractive skin, there is one stubborn skin condition to deal with: Clogged pores!

Clogged pore is a serious skin condition because it impacts negatively on the skin health, attractiveness, beauty and the general well being of the affected individuals. It affects different parts of the body – most importantly the face: skins around the t-zone, nose, eyelids lips, mouth, chin, cheeks etc.
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In this post we will deal with the causes, signs, symptoms and the solutions to clogged pores and different ways to tell if your pores are already clogged.

What do clogged pores look like?

Cause of clogged pores?

Cloggness is mostly caused when fatty acids, dead cells and dirts become mixed with the sweats and find their ways to the pores deep under the skin.

Clogged pores can trigger a host of other more serious skin defects like acnes or pimples, rash, face bumps, itchy skin oily or dry skin and blackheads – which ultimately makes the skin worse off, most especially for someone with a sensitive skin.

Even though, there is a common myth that clogged pores can cause hair loss, but there is no real scientific research to back up such claims.

To effectively cure cloggness of pores, firstly, you need to know if your pores are clogged.

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How do you know if your pores are clogged?

Identifying the signs and symptoms of clogged pores doesn't have to be overtly complicated. In fact, correction and extraction of clogged pores should be immediately effected if notice any of the following signs:

1. Presence of hard sebum plugs: Blackheads

Blackheads are black little bumps inside the skin pores which are caused by a mixture of dirts and and oxidized hard sebum plugs.

To get read of such clogged pores, you need to also deal with the blackheads. You can easily remove such blackheads with wetted pore clearing strips.

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2. Enlarged skin pores

Enlargement of skin pores is one of most common tell-tale signs of clogged pores. Hence, routinely checking your face in the mirror for any evidence of enlarged pores can be a simple, direct but effective way to tell if your pores are becoming clogged.

So, take take a look into the mirror and see it certain pores seem to be bigger than the rest.

You can deal with such clogged pores using clarifying solutions – skin clarifiers or light skin cleansers. A simple natural remedy is the use of jojoba oil.

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3. Dryness of skin

For a number of affected individuals, dryness of skin can be a real tell-tale sign of blocked or clogged pores. This is due to the inability of the skin's normal secretions to reach the surface.

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4. Excessive production of oils on skin

The natural chemistry of the body causes it to trigger the production of more oils in the other parts of the skin to compensate for the blocked sebums as a result of blocked pores.

This can be a cause of worry when there is an excessive synthesis of such oils. This can be one of the most serious signs of clogged pores.

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5. Presence of acne on the skin

Acne are lessions or sores on the skin surfaces, which are formed when micro organisms feast on the dirts within clogged pores of the affected skin. Hence, the presence of acnes on the skin can be a good sign of clogged pores.

Nevertheless, since the pores have already been infected in this instance, there is a need to get rid of the acne infections with the proper medications [ which may necessitates visiting a dermatologist ] before dealing with the clogged pores.

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Certain cases have been reported of clogged pores that keep coming back, hence proper and adequate and all round skin hygiene is necessary for a beautiful, glowing clogged free complexion.

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Also, certain skin care products have been reported to trigger clogged pores in certain individuals, so it is important to always double check your skin care products – creams, facial cleaners and moisturizers.

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Till next time, go get yourself that glowing skin.

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