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Best of Modern Nigerian Wedding Dresses in Pictures and Styles

nigerian wedding dresses pictures

What is the Nigerian wedding dress code?

Nigerian wedding like many African weddings is one of the most colorful you can ever come across.

Irrespective of tribes: igbos wedding, yorubas and hausas or religion: muslim wedding, christian weddings or traditional weddings, different bridal train styles of dresses and accessories are in trend..

As a prospective couple, if you're in a fix on what to pick for your coming wedding, this post is for you!

Note: We will continue to update this post with more of the latest trends and styles. Please stay tuned for the finicky details: grooms and groom's men suits and guest outfits.

Here we go: We present to you some of the latest and best nigerian wedding dresses.

First: Lace wedding dresses

Lace dresses are some of the most accepted collections for wedding ceremonies in Nigeria. Lace dresses are simply exquisite and classy materials for sewing wedding outfits.

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When faced with choice of accessories combination, one of the critical points to consider is the choice of colors; for brides and groom accessories.

Stay tuned: This post will deal with all of that.

1. White wedding dresses

You can easily experiment with varieties of colors for accessories – most especially florals.

nigerian wedding dresses

White wedding dress, 35,000 Konga

Choice of accessories

For a white wedding dress, there is a wide array of matching colors for your accessories like shoes, bags and even necklaces. Black, pink, silver, mauve and – even white are great color specifications in that respect.

Another great choice: neutral colors. Neutral colors are tip-tip for white dresses. Some of the neutral colors to try out include: black, shades of grey, brown.

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2. Pink wedding dresses

Pink wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns are some of the trends you can't miss in Nigeria's wedding. Pink dress have different hues ranging from soft pink hues to magenta.

nigerian wedding bridesmaid dresses

Fashion bride wedding pink toast, ₦ 16,958 Jumia

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Shoes for pink wedding dresses

Pink dresses are best matched with white, black and neutral color accessories – including shoes.

traditional marriage shoes

Shallow fish mouth women sandals ₦ 4,145 Jumia

Other accessories
Pink itself is a bright color, hence, you may want to tone down a little on the color side.

Wedding dresses & silhouette

There are different styles and silhouttes to pick from as regards wedding dresses.

But, which is the right style for you?

To deal with that, it helps to be aware of the of the latest styles of wedding attires:

  • Avant garde wedding dress styles
  • Princess wedding dress styles
  • Peplum wedding dress styles
  • Mermaid wedding styles
  • A-line wedding dresses styles

1. Princess dress

A princess wedding dress is a style of women's wedding dresses with tight fitting corsets. A princess wedding dress can be sewn of different materials such as satin, velvet and lace.

best nigerian wedding dresses

Princess wedding dress ₦ 7,123 - ₦ 7,464 Jumia

2. Peplum wedding dress

Peplum style is undoubtedly a trendy design of women's dresses. For a wedding dress, peplum style will for a long time exist as one of the undying raves.

nigerian wedding bridal train dresses

Bodycon split embroidery peplum wedding dress US $62.36 Stock

3. Suits and trousers

Suits and trousers for ladies is not a new trend. But, for a wedding dress, yes, pantsuits is a newly rising trend that is worth trying out. A nice suggestion is a combination of pants and chiffon top.

nigerian wedding reception dresses

4. Mermaid wedding dress

A Mermaid dress is tight fitted at the bodice and trails down like a 'fishtail'. A mermaid wedding dress is an elegant design that is also in vogue.

nigerian wedding mermaid dresses

Mermaid dresses can be open neckline, trains or straps.

best wedding dresses of all time

For a short mermaid wedding dress, you can experiment with heels, pumps and wedges.

modern nigerian wedding dresses

That said, be wary of high and sharp heels for a long mermaid dresses – most importantly for dresses made of velvet or lacy materias.

5. Greek wedding dresses

Greek dresses trails all the way to the floor, forming a blurry line with a maxi-dress. Many greek dresses designs can feature off-shoulders or open shoulders, one-shoulder and sleeveless.

nigerian white wedding dresses

Choice of Shoes for a greek wedding dress

For a maxi wedding dresses, the choice of shoes or sandals can depend on the materials the dress is made of.

For a lace dress, high heels may seem perfect, but not with sharp heels to avoid ripping of the outfits and tripping off.

nigerian wedding gowns

Short dresses or long dresses

Both short and long wedding dresses are classy. Both are sewn from different materials ranging from silk, lace or stretch satin.

But should you pick a long wedding dress or a short wedding dress?

nigerian wedding traditional wears

Lace up long bridesmaid dress, ₦14, 544 Jumia

Long wedding dresses have been on top of the trends for the past couple of years. To dive into the rising trend, a short wedding dress is definitely something to try out.

Choice of shoes

For a short wedding dress, the short length gives more visibility to your shoes, hence it is much more critical to be finicky with the color combination – that depends on the colors of the dress and the chosen accessories.


We are all used to the common set of embroideries; beads, necklaces and florals!

So, what are some of the latest embroideries, ornaments and accessories to try out for your wedding?

To consider are lace gloves, lace brooch and lace veils.

Have a fruitful and blessed wedding!

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