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Top 5 Nigerian Diets For Flat Stomach

Weight loss is one of the most heavily sought after beauty tips on the internet. We don't need to look further, according to 2014 report more than 70% of subjects over the age of 20 were overweight.

What about Nigeria?
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A recent report reveals that 12 percent of Nigerian children in urban cities are overweight. Sure, that's something to worry about.

How do people deal with excess weight?

  • Excerses
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Dieting
  • Dietary control

But, less attention is given to the efficacy of dietary control [ and not dieting ] as a very efficient weight loss.

But that's wrong..

According to livestrong an average rural Nigerian woman is 55 pounds down less overweight than a typical African Amerian.

What was cited as a contributory factor?

The surveyed rural dwellers in Nigeria eat fresh and original Nigerian foods - and not packaged and over-processed.

So what Nigerian diets can help you to burn belly fats and get a flat stomach? Here they are:

Nigerian Rice

Rice comes first on the list. A cup of rice has 53.1 grams of carbohydrate, 4.5 grams of protein, and 0.42 gram of fat. Hence it is health for people who want to keep watch on their weights.

Rice shine in its ability to satisfy your appetite and at the same time keep watch on your weight – due to its high fibre content.

But, there are different varities. Brown rice is highly recommended for some one who intend to get a really flat stomach.

Here are the reasons:

  • Brown has higher percentage of mineral and vitamins content.
  • Brown rice has X fibre content compared to white rice. One cup of brown rice has 3.5g of fibre compared to white rice which has 0.6g

Some Nigerian rice recipes contain substantial quantities of fats and oil. It's a necessity to cut down on the the fatty contents – particularly in jollof and fried rice recipes and rice stews.

Nigerian soups

Nigeria has different varities of soups – ranging from okra soups to different kinds of Efo which is a fantastic Nigerian choice for anyone who intends to lose weight, get rid of excess belly fat and get a flat stomach. This is due to high fiber contents of the vegetable ingredients.

More Tips:

  • Avoid the use of saturated fatty acids in soups.
  • Reduce oil and fat contents.
  • A fresh vegetable is a much more health choice than frozen vegetable.


Most swallow foods are repared from different types of grains: wheat, rice, millet and etc.

Eating any of these swallow foods adds a significant bulk of fibre contents to diet which ultimately fill up the bowels and prevent overeating and weight gain.

Here's a quick sheet of fibre contents for assorted types of grains that make up a bulk of Nigerian staple foods.


Yes, we 're talking of raw millets – not the over processed stuffs on the shelf with washed-off fibre and skyrocked calories.

Here's the snag with processed millets: For every 1 gram of millet consumed, an average person stacks up loads of excess calories.


Unprocessed or raw sorghum is a healthy choice for your swallow food. The process is as simple as turning up the fresh sorghum grains in a power blender and heat-treating it like semolina.


Plantain is an excellent source of all round nutrient.

But, then aren't we talking about coming up with a Nigerian food timetable that can help to get a really flat stomach?

Here is it: Plantain has high fibre content which fills up the bowel and prevent overeating.

Garden egg

The nutritional benefits of garden egg for weight loss is less emphasized - but it's value is mostly appreciated by rural Nigerian women. In Nigeria, garden eggs are eaten raw or used to prepare soups.

Go for FISH or white meant instead of red meat

No pretence!

Many peeps have preference for meats: Ogunfe, Abodi and Asamo-egun are some of the assorted akas – you're probably one of them.

But, we're talking of shedding weights and getting rid of belly fats here!

So, cutting down the in take of red meat for fish or white meat is a necessity. This is due to the presence of high cholesterol and saturated fat content in red meats – that is counter productive to every attempt to get a flat stomach.

More Tips:

  • Stewing or Steaming your fish a healthier choice than boiling. The later prevent high volume nutrients leakage.
  • No to Fish Frying! yes, that's meant to be controversial – but frying increases the fish fatty contents which hampers your main goal of getting rid of belly fat by a long shot.


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