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Nigerian native attire styles

native wears for guys

What types of clothes do Nigerians wear?

Nigerian native attires are some of the most sophisticated, you can ever come across.

Now, this is in many ways due to diverse cultures in Nigeria. Each culture has its identification – and that includes styles of dressing.

So, to answer the question "What do Nigerians wear?", lets take a walk to three of Nigerian major tribes. Oh yea, don't forget, Nigeria has over 500 tribes. We gotta need a flight for that!

But, to make our work easy, we focus on these Nigerian major tribes: Hausa, Igbo and Yorubas.

So, what do Nigerians wear?

Ladies First...

Female Native wears in Nigeria

The female fashion world seems a bit more dynamic than males' – We all know that!

Hello, fashion-conscious Ladies and gentle men! It's no different in Nigeria. Different types of female dresses are being cut from Nigerian fabrics. In fact, here are some recent posts that showcase that:

One of the best times to appreciate a Nigerian woman's gorgeous attire is when she's out for different occasions – think of wedding, naming, housewarming or even a sophisticated birthday party etc.

At any of such events, you 've no choice than to be wowed by her gorgeous aso-ebi attires and styles:

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Now gentlemen!
Don't even bother asking if she's Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Ibibio, Edoma or Hausa. Nigerian women from each of these different cultures are flashy – in their DIFFERENT AND DIVERSE native attire styles:

Hausa Woman:

nigerian female native styles

Igbo Woman:

native styles for ladies

Yoruba Woman:

native wears for ladies

Now, is it all about the glamour and pop events alone? Can Nigerian native attire styles be cut and fashioned for work? They can – with slight modification.

Here's one picture to that effect:
Elegant Stephanie linus okeke's corporate style of ankara short gown!

nigeria latest fashion pictures

Nigerian Male Native styles

In Nigeria, male native wears are equally as diverse as the diverse cultural expressions in the country. Agbada from the Yorubas and Babariga from the Hausa people of the Northern side of Nigeria – and then, the senator styles of South easterners.

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Each style can be cut from different types of fabrics. Hence, the terms Ankara styles, Nigerian lace styles or Dashiki styles are often used.

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native wears for traditional marriage

Native styles of dressing for guys easily attract attention at any occasion – either due to elegance, class or ability to invoke royal-like affluence. In fact, there are a lot of Asoebibella styles that showcase that. Take a look at these:

1. A royal-like affluence inspired by an agbada attire:

native wears for traditional marriage

2. A classy and gorgeous style inspired by the Igbos' Senator wears.

native wears for traditional marriage

Having dealt with the question, "What do Nigerians Wear?" by considering the Nigerian native attires from the generic gender perspectives:
  • Nigeria Women
  • Nigerin Men

What next?
It's pertinent to explicitly dive into Nigerian native attire styles by extending the questions to the three major Nigerian tribes.
  • What do Hausa people wear?
  • What do Yoruba people wear?
  • What do Igbo people wear?

Native styles of Igbo People of South East

Igbo people have different styles of dressing. Nevertheless, one of the most classy and widely accepted native styles of the igbos is the classy senator outfit. Widely accepted in the sense that it can easily blend in with any event or outing – informal or office / corporate.

But, that is not only style of dressing of the igbo Men. Here's one:

igbo traditional marriage attire

For the igbo women, you can expect fanciful and multi-colored wrappers, fitting blouses – plus gorgeous and neatly tied geles to match with fitting accessories: necklaces, beads or wrist watches.

What of the Yoruba people's attires?


That is what it is – and you can't easily doubt that. If you do, then you need to take a seat and see these pictures:

1. White royal feel with traditional beads:

yoruba traditional wedding attire

2. The sophisticated yoruba woman in Iro and buba completed with a matching gele.

yoruba traditional wedding attire

Fulani and Hausa Peoples' clothes

The traditional native attires of the Hausa-fulani men evokes as much royal grace as the Agbada style of the yorubas. You can always expect an hausa-fulani man in Babban Riga – that extends all the way to the the wearers ankle complete with a ful.

hausa traditional wedding attire

What of the beautiful Hausa women?
Hausa ladies are known for their slim body build – and their native apparels accent their shape.

hausa dress styles

In fact, when next you come across that slim and pretty looking woman in "Abaya" – complete with matching blouses, all you may to do is trust your gut:
"Indeed! This must be an Hausa woman"

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