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9 Nigerian Native Styles for Men That Are Ruling The Trends

Hey fashionable ladies and cool guys! Hasn't Traditional form of dressing in Nigeria come along way?

Yes, agbada and other forms of dressing have been in existence for a very long time. But, hey its 2017 ladies and gentlemen! Many of the styles we knew then are either being modified or new styles are being introduced. All thanks to the changing world of African fashion.

In this post, we intend to revisit just three of those attires – the latest styles, the classy and the trendy native attires.

Prepare: These styles are likely to capture your attention every single time. Nevertheless, we need to point out some very important tips:

Many of the cool ladies and guys featured here are likely to have different body features, hence, our recommendations whenever you want to go with any of these native attires:

1. Fitting is first about size

  • Consult your designer – for the right size.
  • If you must order it online, endeavour to select the right size.

2. Finally, experiment...

  • You don't have to stick with the same color combinations. Experiment with the right colors for you.
  • Experiment with accessories

The style that comes first on our listing is the agbada style. Agbada outfits were once reckoned as highly exclusive to the yoruba men – but that was in the past. It's 2017 and Agbada is now fancied by all. Ladies and gentlemen!

Don't believe that? You need to see these lovely pictures of yoruba men and women in native agbada attires.

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Agbada is classy enough as an elegant aso-ebi for informal outings, such as wedding and naming ceremony, apprenticeship and housewarming parties.

An outstanding perk that comes with rocking an Agbada native outfit is how it makes a royal-like ensemble. Complete with traditional beads and matching accessories, an agbada inspired attire 'll never fail to arrest attention any social gathering.

What more? Agbada styles can be cut from any of the well-known fabrics – including Ankara and Nigerian lace.

Next on the list of gorgeous native attires for this post is Buba and soro. Buba and soro is a traditional native attire of the yorubas of south western part of Nigeria. It is highly fancied due to sheer ability to combine simplicity and versatility. Ironic? Yes it is!

Sometimes called, buba and sokoto, this attire in itself is a complete native style that can be rocked to any high class informal occasions. Nevertheless, it is often perfectly matched with Fila – a traditional male cap.

Finally, next on the fashion terrain today, is the Senator style. A seeming new slang on Naija's fashion space – thanks to the gentle guys of Nigeria's red and green chambers, for the senator style was made popular by them!

But hey, since the time immemorial, this style has always been a modest, classy and multipurpose native male outfits of the SE and the SS people of Nigeria .

This style multipurpose in the sense that it is suitable for different occasions – as formal and informal, business and corporate outfits.

To cut the chase, there is hardly any Nigerian native attire that is literally more suitable for ANY form of outing – and the reason lies in its a rare combination of simplicity and class.

So, yeah! Has this post inspired you to try out some of these elegant outfits? Cool! But, before you do that,here is a recap of our suggestions again.

  • Pick the right size
  • Discover your style
  • Experiment with accessories; beads, matching wristwatches and yea, colors.

Have a really lovely day at work and at home!

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