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How To Buy A Quality Wrist Watch In Nigeria

Have you ever made a wrong wrist watch purchase before? Wheew!... Trust me, it's not always a nice feeling!

It means being hoodwinked... and ripped off your bucks – just for a piece of grot. But, your next purchase shouldn't follow the same cycles. So, here are the steps to take before making your next wristwatch purchase. Honestly, you don't want to skip a step!

1. Know more about wrist watches

The first rule is straight to the point: Be a wristwatch freak. In other words, there are so many quality wristwatch designs, brands and specs to pick on the shelf: Breitling, Rolex, Seiko, Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin or swatch wrist watch.

Now, not every quality wrist watch is right for you. Nevertheless, you'll always likely miss that particular brand of wrist watch you 'd have loved – if you don't even know the freak what it is.

To beat that, before every purchase you need a whole lot of information and reviews on your possible choices. A good starting point is by visiting wrist watch sections of your selected e-commerce sites [ Jumia or Konga ] and browsing through reviews.

Doing that helps to acquaint yourself with various brands, designs, and specs which ultimately helps in making the right choice in your wrist watch purchase. This is a step you shouldn't skip.

2. Decide on your intent

It's 2017, forget the tottery designs of those days. Apple's wrist watch says a lot more than, "what says the clock". But, is it right for you? It depends! The first question to ask yourself is your underlying intent. For what reason are you making the purchase?

  • Just another basic timepiece
  • A luxury piece to wear to special dinner parties
  • A high-end specs and functionalities

3. Consider your budget

The next critical step before your purchase is to decide on the cost implication on your budget and other financial obligatory. In a nutshell, how much can you objectively afford to place on a wristwatch without leaving a slash on your budget?

The best time to come up with that decision is at your budget desk, and not on the e-commerce site or at a local wristwatch retailer – or else your decision is likely to be influenced.

Knowing the underlying intent of purchase and objectively considering the cost implication on your budget helps with the next step: Settling for a price point.

4. Settle for a price point.

The final step has to do with settling down for a price point for your wristwatch. At this point:

  • You are convinced by the reviews of the site where you intend to place the order – or you intend to make your purchase at your trusted retailer shop.
  • You have taken an objective view of the cost implication and intent behind your purchase.

Great! Now, wrist watches typically come in three price ranges or points:

Low-level price points
Wrist watches at this level are appreciated primarily for their functionality and not for luxury. A wristwatch at this price point is basically what it is: A .... for tracking time.

Medium level price point
wrist watches at this price point to a high extent are pure luxuries. Many of such wrist watches are mostly reserved for specific events by the owners.

High-level price points
Most of the wrist watches at this price range are highly luxury stone encrusted wrist watches. Hence, such wristwatches mostly come in limited production editions – mostly on demand.

5. Online order or A walk-in?

The final step has to do with whether to order online or visit a local wristwatch retailer. These are the two choices you have and each has its pros and cons.

The cons associated with contacting a local retailer lies in the extra minutes of leg-work while the pro is that you have a real-time opportunity for testing the functionalities at the point of purchase.

On the other hand, if you intend to order for your wristwatch online, the pro has to do with the ease of making a quick click and having your order dropped at your doorstep.

The con is that you have to make your payment upfront – while you can't test the functionalities of your order by proxy. But, you can easily beat that by ensuring that the product platform has warranty in place and a provision for product return in place of functional defects.

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