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Ankara Skirts And Blouse Styles With 10 Stunning Model Pictures

pictures of ankara skirts and blouses

The Ankara renaisance era has seen the introduction of multi-faceted styles and ankara designs in varied women dress; blazers, maxi dresses, gowns, tops and skirts and blouse.

We bring to you, some of the most gorgeous, latest lovely and best ankara blouse, skirt and top inspirations for your cupboard.

So, here we go: Latest Ankara skirts and blouse designs with images and pictures

The first style here is a peplum blouse. A peplum is a small fabric extension that serves as attache on ladies gown, jacket, blazers or blouse.

A peplum blouse can feature a rectangular, round or even triangular neckline. Like the neckline, the sleeves also offer a wide range of choices from being short to three quarter – and even long sleeves.

pictures of Ankara skirts and blouse designs

One yet beautiful african ankara skirts and blouse for ladies is the mermaid style. A typical ankara long skirts and blouse design. A mermaid skirt hugs the body at the torso and trails down to the floor as a very loose flare, similar to a "fishtail".

Most mermaid skirts are floor length. However, for a short mermaid skirt, the flare trails to the knee.

ankara styles tops

A yet another design that is presently in vogue is none other than the Avant garde ankara style. Avant garde dresses tend to push the boundary in the fashion norm – with highly multifaceted cuts and design specs.

ankara styles pictures

Being highly sophisticated in designs, like high-low or maxi styles, Avant garde reign supreme on the run-ways. Nevertheless, the current ankara renaisance era is fast seeing the modest forms of these designs among fashionistas.

A yet another classy and elegant ankara skirt to try out is an ankara maxi skirt. A maxi skirt is an highly sophisticated skirt that trails all the way down to the ankle or floor length. Such skirts are highly fitted at the top – and loose fitting at the helms.

ankara skirts and blouse images

Many skirts and blouse designs now experiment with blended ankara and nigerian lace fabrics. One of such instances is an ankara blouse style that has lace material as an attache. The lace materials either serves as a peplum or overlay on the main skirt or blouse. For a more colorful design, the overlay must be complementary or contrasting in color.

Knowing that Ankara and lace dresses are fast creeping into the office walls. If you intend to experiment with the trend, a classy ankara pencil skirt is a nice and beautiful suggestion.

Ankara pencil skirts and blouse are highly suited for formal outings. Since they are cut after the pencil shape, ankara pencil skirts are slim-fitted and straight. A short pencil dress extends to the knee while a long pencil dress stops at the ankle. In fact, it's a widely accepted recent ankara skirts and blouse style for ladies.

blouse and skirt

What more? Most ankara prints come in colorful patterns. Multi-colored or floral patterned ankara skirts are easily matched with short dashiki dress or english tops for corporate outfits.

On the other hand, multi-patterned ankara blouse tops are great with denim jeans, trouser pants and english skirts.

skirt and blouse fashion

Many brightly patterned ankara dresses are easily matched with a wide range of accessories in a tip-top fashion sense.

Conventional or native or traditional styles of ornaments such as necklaces, bangles, beads, earrings – and then wristwatches are some of the accessories you can easily try out with most ankara styles – skirts, blouse or iro and buba styles etc.

ankara styles skirt and blouse

For the choice of heels, high heels are in vogue and short heels have refused to die. Nevertheless, the best choice is that choice that is most comfortable for the wearer. Yes, you can ride on the wind with high heels – but if you can avoid tripping on it.

Finally, what color of accessories are easily matched with ankara skirts or blouse tops? No hard and fast rules. It depends on your dress and style. But, you won't ever miss it when you stick with these rules:
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  • Accessories are meant to complement the main dress – hence, for accessories, go complementary and contrasting in your color selection.
  • When everything else falls, black accessories are ever always on point.

Thanks and have a really pleasant Ankara-filled day ahead!

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