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What color of shoes to wear with mauve dress?

If you ask what color of shoes to wear with a mauve dress? Then this post is about to solve that right away.

Mercy Aigbe Styles in Pictures

Any attempt to come up with a list of yoruba nollywood actresses that deserve top spots on the list of the most beautiful and fashion conscious?

Nigerian native attire styles

What types of clothes do Nigerians wear?

9 Nigerian Native Styles for Men That Are Ruling The Trends

Hey fashionable ladies and cool guys! Hasn't Traditional form of dressing in Nigeria come along way?

Ankara Skirts And Blouse Styles With 10 Stunning Model Pictures

The Ankara renaisance era has seen the introduction of multi-faceted styles and ankara designs in varied women dress; blazers, maxi dresses, gowns, tops and skirts and blouse.

How To Buy A Quality Wrist Watch In Nigeria

Have you ever made a wrong wrist watch purchase before? Wheew!... Trust me, it's not always a nice feeling!

It Was Pop And Glamour At Lagos Fashion Week 2017

It was the bomb at the recently concluded Lagos fashion week.

Dashiki For Men – 10 Latest Dashiki Styles For Guys

There are not many fabrics out there that come near it in pattern and designs. Yes, you guess it all right – It's Dashiki. Forget the 1960s and 1970s era.

Dashiki will for a long period be one of the most widely accepted African attires. The appeal for these awesome flowery prints is raging up on the red carpet shows all from Lagos to Italy.

So, we say "Welcome to the Dashiki world!" Dashiki designs have gone beyond the continent of Africa – from east to west.

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What makes Dashiki prints so unique?

1. Apart from the fact that Dashiki has a rich history behind it. The patterns, decorations and embroidery are unmatchable. What more? They are made from durable and high quality materials.

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2. Dashiki fabrics feature infinite array of patterns and designs – most importantly, many of such designs tend to reflect the beauty of nature; trees, fruits, birds, water, oceans etc that surmise the arts and cultures of t…

Toke Makinwa Is All Gorgeous In New Instagram Pictures

Toke Makinwa is one of the hottest TV hosts in Nigeria. Yes, she does excel well at what she does on the waves.