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9 Latest Nigerian French Lace Styles and Dresses For Wedding

styles for cord lace

Howdy fashion geeks! Nigerian french lace styles are some of the most stunning designs of dresses for fashion conscious Nigerians.

Okay, here's why: Versatility – how well it blends with other prints and a good range of accessories and how you can easily tailor them into different tastes. In fact, you have a wide range of options to go for:

Here're some wardrobe ideas for lace dresses we'll deal with:
  • Lace styles for engagement
  • Nigerian lace styles for wedding
  • Ankara gown with lace
  • Net lace styles
  • Lace combination gowns
  • Lace styles for teenagers

As you can see, French lace fabrics are perfectly suitable for most outings!

So, you may just have to take a sit, and probably a small glass of orange juice and come along.

In this post, we show you some of the top and the latest french lace styles in Nigeria for naming, engagement, wedding and other outings.

Long lace dress styles

The first Nigerian lace dress on parade today comes off a bit simple – but elegant. It features a multicolor french lace with a couple of matching accessories.

pictures of lace styles
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This particular long lace dress style is paired with a red color gele as seen in the picture. But then, any color can match depending on the style of the lace gown, the accessories and to a great extent the personality of the wearer.

A easy – but not fixed rule of thumb is picking the same color for both your gele and the clutch bag and the same rule applies for the choice of shoes.

The flared helm makes it comfy going high on the heels; you can easily regain your gait in case of tripping.

Short lace gown style

Next on the list of our picks for the latest Nigerian lace gown style is a modest short lace gown – but really, it doesn't detracts anything from its appeal. The fitted pencil design makes a perfect fit for ladies who intend to accent their slim figure.

lace material gown styles
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With great accessories, you can typically turn yourself to a cynosure with this lace fabric style.

The choice and color of sandal depends on the color of the dress. A pink taint pencil gown blends well with a pair of black shoes while a blue pencil dress can match a pair metallic silver color shoes. If you need a template, you can just model after Chika.

French lace skirts and blouse

If it's a blouse and it comes in lace, then it must come off sassy!

Now, If you don't believe, you probably need to see Mercy Aigbe in Frency lace skirts and blouse:

orange lace styles
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A lovely lace style! right?

A simple trick to rocking this, is coupling with choice accessories; a long pair of dangling earrings – small pairs would do just fine. Coupled with choice accessories: necklace, bracelets, ear rings, you can easily come up with a tip-top appeal.

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You can toy around with different complementary colors and make a pick for your style, mood and the outing.

Latest lace gown styles

This gorgeous lace long gown style as seen on Rita Dominic has all it takes to give you a totally stunning appeal. The side parting perfectly prevents the long helm of the ankle length dress from limiting the wearer's gait.

The choice of shoes? You obviously can go long heels. Nevertheless, moderation is key just to avoid tripling, most especially if your dress comes with a short parting.

Latest lace short gown style

Short is all chic!
Ever heard this quote from Carrie Donovan: "short is all chic"? Even, if you haven't got no chill for any short dress lace in your wardrobe, We bet you'd love to applaud this creative piece of short gown styles for lace.

A great ideas for a cute Aso Ebi short gown!

pictures of lace dresses
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Isn't that gorgeous?

One good thing with lace fabric is that you can easily come up with any elegant design of short gowns – be it, the latest cord lace short gown styles or even a net gown styles.

As regards the choice of color ensemble and suitable accessories, there is in fact no limitation: It depends on the creative side of the wearer.

If you are on the freaky side when it comes to color or accessories combination, you can easily lift ideas for your Aso ebi short lace dress from these elegant ladies.

lace gown styles for ladies

Latest lace long gown styles

Show off those gorgeous arms

That's it, baby. If you've got it, flaunt it!

That was a cliche from the 1968 movie, the producers by Mel Brooks! But, here, it's more true on the runway. You've got those perfectly flawless arms, its time to show off!

net lace styles in nigeria

This long armless Nigerian dress with material is all about that.

This armless gown can be accessorised with a layered gele, a medium size clutch purse or a small handbag.

The color combinations featured above seems a bit limiting – but, it's only meant to be a template, so don't forget to experiment with your own styles.

Long Lace gown styles – All in the long run!

This floor length gown is one of the best, latest and most gorgeous Nigerian cord lace styles out there. It can easily leave your fashion critics completely awe-struck when matched with a fan gele.

latest cord lace styles
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nigerian lace styles dress
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Trendy in Iro and Buba styles

No, we are not talking of the hallowean costumes here! So, you want to switch to the end of the spectrum – talk of being totally stunning? Iro and buba comes into the picture. Want some inspiration?

Don't worry, you can lift from Iyabo Ojo for you Aso Ebi lace style idea.

lace material styles

Need more? Here's another gorgeous lady in a classy native style; iro and buba style with a matching clutch purse, complete with a small size wrist watch.

nigerian lace material styles
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Finally - Smokingly hot

This is a super awesome long gown lace style designed by Deola sagoe. This awesome gown can totally transform your looks.

But hey, there's a word of caution: You may not wear it to work, because it's just so hot you may end up burning up your office!

lace cord styles

Thanks for reading and do have yourself a really chic day ahead! Don't forget to take a peep at these lovely posts on:

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