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Linda Ikeji – fashion and lifestyle of Africa's top blogger

Linda Ikeji is the most successful Blogger on the continent of Africa!
But just how successful is Linda? You ask!

  • Linda Ikeji was named by Forbes as one of the 20 most prominent African women in .....
  • According to Google, Linda Ikeji's name was the most searched query on its search engine in 2014.
  • Linda Ikeji has over 1.2 million instagram followers.

Linda must be a great inspiration! Isn't she?

What if we could take a peep into the life story, lifestyle and and fashion world of this Nigerian blog icon? Whooooo! That is what we are gonna be doing in this post.

So, take a cup of coffee and let's peep into Linda' world.

A little more about Linda...

Linda Ikeji was born September 1980 in NKwerre, Imo state in Nigeria. Linda obtained her bachelor degree in English Language from the university of Lagos in 2004.

Linda officially launched her blog on the blogger [ blogspot then ] platform in 2007. She switched to a self hosted domain name in September 2015. Ever since, the blog has become a hugely successful story on the continent.

What more?

Linda Ikeji has also dived into TV, Radio and Music world and taking them by the storm.

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Linda's philanthropy

Linda's success with her blog has earned lots of opportunities and opened many doors for her on the continent and at the global scale.

Yes! plus huge bucks too...

But Linda is also into philanthropic works. She recently launched her philanthropic project called 'I’d Rather Be Self-Made – a new platform where she provides mentoring and monetary aid for ingenious young African girls.

Linda's fashion and Style

What about starting with this gorgeous pics?

This particular picture was taken in front of Linda's banana island mansion.

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Yes, that thus seems like a side note, but I guess you secretly love to see more than Linda in a pair of white denim jeans. Now don't deny it!

Here's Linda rocking an all white ensemble by the pool site in her ....million naira banana island mansion.

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Okay, Linda does love them vintage – yes, talking of sport cars! But hey, she loves nice and gorgeous designs also!

Good Morning Instagram Ankara

This instagram pictures shows Linda rocking ankara on top of a pair of Frame Jeans and ManoloBlahnikshoes, all complete with a matching channel bag.

All Spiffy in Ankara

Just recently, various styles and Ankara designs have seized the runway in various African fashion shows! In fact, Hollywood celebrities now rock Ankara designs with da... bomb. Yes! even Beyonce and Rihanna looking all chic in various Ankara styles!

So, when the most famous blogger in Nigeria decides to jump into various styles of ankara designs, all I can say is "oh! what a pretty job well done Mama Africa!"

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But honestly, Linda does kill it. The blue denim pants does a very fair justice to Linda's height making it a tip-top combo with her off-shoulder Ankara top.

But sorry, we can't see those pair of shoes! Yes, she does give a preference for boot cuts!

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On the front of Thisday Magazine cover

Long flowing gown rocks!

Have you ever taken a peep into Linda's wardrobe? No? okay, Let's guess what we might likely see upfront: Denim jeans – yes talk of bootcuts, skinny and sillhouettes.

But then, Linda just decides to call the bluff of those fashion prophets – some of us here inclusive: "Hey yoo Tom & Becky! This time around, its all in the long run". And yes! She rocks it flawlessly!

This picture was shot for Thisday style magazine cover.

Sure, our dear TY Bello does know how to do her nice tip-top jobs with her gorgeous 'picture-eyes'. But, hey! We all know that being photogenic = Being good looking + A great capture!

In this third picture, we see Linda rocking a silver embellished gowns complete with a pair of swinging silver earrings.

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The all silver collection makes a great choice for someone with a caramel tone! Oh sorry, that dress costs 1 Million by the way!

Thanks for staying tune and checking out some of Linda's incredible styles. We sincerely wish you more sophisticated, classy and fabulous styles to your wardrobe! See yah!

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