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How to dress for work – 5 Dress Etiquettes that really matters

If you honestly love to be well-addressed, I bet you would care to be well-dressed. Okay, don't worry, just call me a boring Tom for repeating this commonly cited cliche:
"The way you dress is the way you'd be addressed".

But, we all know that's the truth! Okay, think of the other time you came across that guy across the street. Did he gain your attention? No, because you thought he was an alien from the third space – because of the way he dressed.

But your boss is also guilty!

Now, if dressing is important for work, then we need to discuss some corporate dress etiquettes.

1. General Wardrobe Etiquettes

1. First Rule - Let your clothings fit

The first rule of dressing well is being fit. Of course, it does seem basic!

But, think of how many peeps out there who turn up for work in some pretty long and oversize coats that makes you want to guess if designers just took some time off - or extremely tight dress that makes you wonder if he's got a minute to breather.

Those are extremes on on the sides dress spectrum. They earn you some funny jokes from your colleagues – but likely to get you in hot soup with your 'rock-face' boss!

So, don't forget the first rule: Let your clothing fit.

2. What's up with the wet head?

What's up with the wet head? You've just come to work, so early in the morning. Great! But, walking down the corridor of your company with your dripping wet head? Wheeew!

But, it's pretty common! I agree. Nevertheless, don't do that in your own place of work. Why? wou don't need your boss to see your hair wet. He already knows you must have taken your bath before coming for work.

What is worse? You've just given him the whiff that you need more space to take care of your hair. Who know? he may just scold you if he likes your gut or – a sack if he doesn't.

3. All we ask for is a nice enough scent.

Smelling good to any outing is not a necessity. Please, call it a duty! Yes, a duty to your self, a duty to the open space around – and a duty to other peeps who come within a close range.

It's the same in a work environment. Neither your boss nor your colleagues want to plug their noses because your suit reeks of mildew or stained coffee.

So, please come in your nicely-laundered and clean clothes, plus nice perfumes. But, don't go overboard with it, because all they need is just some good-enough "fresh smelling space".

2. Be Modest with your accessories

We all love accessories. Yes, think of glasses, your necklace, and your precious wristwatch.

There is no sin wearing accessories to your workplace - but don't forget these tips:

Don't slide down your glasses
We do come across those gorgeous secretaries that sweep us off our feet with their pure transparent glasses. A simply classy style! Right?

But your glasses can become pretty annoying or 'seemingly discourteous' to your boss when you opt to slide it down your nose and give him this face:

Avoid dangling bangles
Avoid wearing dangling bangles that could possibly create annoying sounds and please stop being skittish with your wrist watch. It is a bit disruptive to your colleagues. Okay, don't even think of it when you have a meeting to hold with that new CEO.

4. Watch your Make up and Accessories

5. Guys, please you won't do wrong being suave...

Okay, I agree! It's not his faults if a male employee got some facial hairs. May be the boss probably does too – Or he loved to, but 'father-nature' just failed to heed his pleas!

But, it's his fault if the facial hairs are not well trimmed! So, for a corporate world:
  • Please keep a clean shaven look – or at least, keep it well trimmed.
  • Some beard styles are hot pies on your favorite rock or sport megastars. If you copy them in a workplace, you 'll likely end up a sacked weirdo.

conor mcgregor beards

Be hot – but only on the weekends.

The equation of workplace dress codes is a simple algebra with three constants.
  1. Be simple
  2. Be gorgeous
  3. Be smart...

No, being "hot" or "sexy" is not in the equation! But please be presentable...

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