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Latest Ankara Styles And Designs For Aso Ebi

unique ankara styles

Think Ankara dresses are dazzling? Yes, they really are!

Needless to say, the beauty of Ankara lies in simplicity of styles and ability to blend with varieties of other fabrics – most especially Nigerian lace.

Ankara designs are fancied by fashion devotees and models the world over – from Nollywood to Hollywood stars.

But, what is so special about Ankara fabrics?

Simple: Versatility.

Ankara dresses can be worn to work, as everyday clothes or as aso ebi to even to various informal events; weddings, church, birthday parties and dinner parties.

What more? There are so many trendy styles made with Ankara fabrics because it easily blends with various fashion accessories. MAy be, some red rose colors to cheer up the day for the coming Val or just some sassy beads? You are good!

Ankara Skirts And Blouse

Love skirts and blouse? Most fashion conscious ladies do!

modern ankara designs
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Peplon, pencils, open-shoulders or simply straight tops? One of these sassy styles would surely click your style. They all have their unique appeals which suite different body shapes.

For instance, this butterfly-shaped style is one that makes you feel on top of the trend.

ankara styles 2017 for ladies
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You can rock it with a pair of jeans or simply let it free and ride on the breeze. It's chic either way!

The loose fit butterfly designs are perfect for expectant mothers because they free off tension from the tummy without trading off their wow appeal. Long fitted Ankara designs are perfect for a wide range of occasions including evening outings and dinner parties.

ankara blouses on jeans
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Jacket it Up – Ankara Jackets

Ankara jackets also come in different styles and designs. They are all cut to complement different body parts – depending on the wearer's intent.

trendy ankara jacket
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You need to assert confidence with your dress sense? The Akara Jacket with a Stand-up collar oozes confidence and elegance – a chic way to tell those fashionistas that you are still the boss.

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A Jacket with a turned down collar is also chic. It speaks simplicity and a real sense of refined style.

trendy ankara jacket

Bomber Jacket is another Ankara style you may want to pick up, if you want to ramp up your style and feel like that real boss on the fashion floor.

The Bomber styles definitely come with that unique and modest feels that make you want to see the wearer as a smart "rookie-fashionista".

ankara jacket and trousers
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You can also your rock Ankara jackets with different types of skirts.

ankara jacket and skirt

Now, that's what we call the the latest and the gorgeous trend.

Spiffy Ankara Gowns

Ankara gowns are classy any time. What more? They come in a wide range of designs:

This slim shoulderless evening outfit trends all the way to your ankle, clings to your figure, trims your shape and draws attention to your height. It's guaranteed to turn heads and click some jaws as an evening dress.

long ankara gown
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Thay don't have to be all long after all! Short Ankara designs can also wow for a lot of body shapes. The key lies in experimenting with different styles.

Go Casual – Jump in Ankara Jumpsuit

Sometimes, you just hate the rules, right? Cool. It's time to go casual. Ankara jumpsuit is a smart choice. Really, you don't have to give anything away.

long ankara jumpsuit

What more? Short Ankara jumpsuits are perfect to express your style boldly.

short ankara jumpsuit


Ankara dresses are elegant and sassy. So, when next you want to go all native, you can rock any of these Ankara designs with class. More so, Ankara fabrics are not really expensive. So, who says you can't eat your cake and have it? Its time to jump into some lovely Ankara jumpsuits!

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