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What color shoes to wear with royal blue dress

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5 Steps to Get Loans in Nigeria without Collateral

Do you know it's possible to get quick online loans in Nigeria even without collateral?

What color shoes to wear with burgundy dress?

Stunning is the word!

List of Vocational Skills in Nigeria - 6 Handworks to Learn in Nigeria

There's no better time to learn vocational skills in Nigeria than now.

British High Commission Lagos and How to get British passport in Nigeria

A British passport holder is like a citizen of the world. So, having a British passport comes with lots of benefits.

How to borrow airtime from Airtel

You must have been there before: You needed to make some really important calls - but you were stuck!

What color lipstick to wear with blue dress

Hi fashion conscious ladies, in this post, we are going to be telling you what color lipsticks to wear with a blue dress.

What color shoes to wear with a cobalt blue dress

Did you just ask what color shoes to wear with a cobalt blue dress? Cool, then you need to read this.

How to accessorize a yellow dress

Did you just ask how to accessorize a yellow dress and what color shoes to wear with a yellow dress?

How to make money from mobile phone repair business in Nigeria

Have you considered making money in Nigeria as a mobile phone repairer? If not, then you might have been missing some bucks.

How to Check if a Company is Registered in Nigeria

A lot of things go into doing businesses with companies in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

11 Fitted iro and buba styles you need to see Now

This Stunning style's stuck with us!

How Many Years to Study Medicine in Nigeria?

Medicine as a career choice is one of the hottest, the most prestigious and most sought-after in Nigeria right now.

List of Industries and Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria is home to over 190 million people.

How to Learn Fashion Design Online

If you are a fashion designer who wants to keep up with the latest trends, or you just want to start learning fashion design, we 've compiled a list of really interesting courses to get you started.

The courses are grouped into two categories:

1. The Beginner courses:

A set of start up courses for anyone who is interested in becoming a fashion designer.

Sewing 101 : Complete Beginners guide to sewing$9.99 (N3,600) Beginners' guide to sewing. How to use the sewing machine$9.99 (N3,600) Machine Basics: How to start sewing with Serger$9.99 (N3,600) Sewing Machine Boot Camp$9.99 (N3,600)

2. The Advanced courses:

A set of advanced courses for fashion designers to upgrade their skills.

Fashion Design: How to Make a detailed 3D Dress Shirt with Collar, Cuffs and Buttons.$9.99 (N3,600) How to Create Your Own Design Ideas$9.99 (N3,600) How to Create a Fashion Design Sketch in 3D using Marvelous Designer$9.99 (N3,600) Sewing Patterns 101: How to read sewing Patterns$9.99 (N3,600)

How to come Up with a Nigerian Food Time table for your Family

We all know there are so many delicious and healthy Nigerian food recipes.

What color shoes with a navy suit

A navy suit is one of the most desired suit for the male folks. It's a symbol of style, elegance and class.

9 Best Hairsprays for Holding Curly or Straight Hairs

A good hairspray is one of the coolest haircare products you don't want to miss.

5 Top Ankara styles for Men To Style up Their Wardrobes

Hi Fashion peeps! We bring you some of the top Ankara styles for guys!

Is it a cold sore or cut in corner of mouth

Cold sore or cut in the corner of the mouth
What is the difference between a common cut and a canker sore?

Top 5 Colors that go with beige clothes

What are the colors that go with beige clothes? Okay, that's one question that often comes up from our lovely fashion geeks!

5 Best facial masks for clogged pores

Love a smooth satin skin in all its shining sheen? We all do!

What color lipstick with purple dress

What color of lipticks or makeups to wear with a purple dress? If that seems like a question that you would ask, then this particular post is for you.

ITel A11 Reviews, Specifications and Price in Nigeria

What does aftersun do?

What does aftersun does?

Well that is one of the most awesome questions we expect to hear from a lot of readers of this blog.

5 Short Ankara Dresses for Wedding you can't Miss

Would you rock a short Ankara dress for your coming wedding?

10 Smart Ways to Save Money Traveling on A Budget

Honestly, one thing loved to hate to accept is that money's got some wings. Okay, that's one cliche I grew up hearing a lot in my neighborhood. I hate to admit it - but it's just plain true.

Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria

It is easy to come up with a list of one or two musicians who are deemed to be the richest in Nigeria.

10 Latest Ghana Weaving Hairstyles for Round face

Hey Fashion peeps! Ghana weaving is one of the coolest trends of hairstyles for african ladies.

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