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10 Ankara Short Gown Styles To Wow Your Fashion Sense

latest ankara gown styles

Ready for these sassy short Ankara styles to blow your mind?

Ankara is one of the most widely accepted Nigerian prints. It comes in various patterns and designs. The beauty of Ankara fabric lies in its versatility.

It's time to get chic in ankara gowns!

Ankara dresses can be styled into many different classy designs depending on individuals' fashion preferences.

But wait ...
There is this Ankara style that will readily blow you out of the water:

Ankara short gown styles.

Below are different types of short Ankara styles to inspire your creativity.

ankara short gown styles

Ankara bodycon dress

Whoever says Ankara can't be the best hugger? If you ever need to go on the search binge for the most slaying queen?

Don't worry, I've got a tip to make your expedition quick...

"Just be on the look-out for a stunning lady in a body fitted Ankara bodycon."

ankara short gowns

This particular Ankara Bodycon is short and dazzling. It comes with a high neckline and neatly cut short sleeves that extend to the elbow.

The fitted particularly, waistline draws attention to the wearers' hour-glass curves.

Ankara Empire dress

ankara short flare gowns

Ankara Empire Dress is another modest form of Ankara design to spice up your dress sense.

This design is perfectly suitable for different informal occasions.

You can enhance the appearance and make yourself feel like that stunning queen with different accessories – yes, even floral.

Ankara Pencil dress

Ankara pencil dresses are also ideal for different outings. What more? They also blend well with other fashion accessories.

If you need to wow your date at a dinner party, I can bet my precious cup of tea that you won't ever go wrong with this style.

This is called pouf

short ankara dresses for wedding

This Ankara pouf style is only next to the princess style when it comes to drawing attention to your slim waist while helping to mask certain features in the lower part of the body.

But, here is the sweetest part of the cake: The pouf dress is nice enough for a wide range of body types. Yes! you can go gorgeous in pouf irrespective of your size.

Still on Ankara Princess styles

Now, whoever said the Ankara can't make a princess out of a slay beauty?

nigerian ankara dresses

I can guess! He spends most of his days taking siestas on Mars! Yes, I know, sexy peeps hardly exists on in galaxies – probably aliens.

Trust me! This Ankara Princess style with flared skirt is always gorgeous enough to rock with "her slaying.... majesty".

Short Ankara Halter Gowns

Okay, you won't rock this while making your presentation before your company's top executives.

latest ankara short gown

Besides that, you are good to go!

Ankara Halter dress is the best way to confidently express your fashion sense and tell your critics:

"Hey yo...! the only guy that gives a hoot is over there, chilling with a cup of coffee and peanuts."

Ankara halter dress is short but glamorous.

Classy And Stylish but Informal

Again, this design too, may not be the best fit for your next business or corporate meeting.

But, chill...., the world certainly doesn't revolve around the four walls of your CEO.

What more?

Its classy enough to slay everyone at your CEO's next birthday or bestie's wedding party.

Love this Ankara Shealt dress?

If your definition of Ankara means "sexy", then don't try this, obviously this design is not!

short ankara dresses for weddings

But, don't get me wrong, it is very formal and elegant. In fact, this modest style can get lots of eyeballs rolling over your dress sense in any formal meeting.

Being Casual doesn't hurt

This casual Ankara style is the definition of being carefree – yes, in a fashion sense of that word.

latest ankara dresses

But, that doesn't take anything from it.

It has a nice slash neckline and sleeves that extend to the elbows.

This shift long sleeved dress comes with long sleeves.

The helm seems as distant to the knee as the the sun to the Jupiter, but you don't need to worry, if you occasionally spare a couple of seconds. Here's the trick:
Grab a glass of wine with one hand and gently pull the helm with the other. Yes! that is perfectly good enough to keep off those wandering eyes.


Ankara short gowns are classic. What more? You can rock any style just like these models steaming really hot in various styles of short Ankara gowns.

Till next time, please do have really nice times jumping in Ankara jumpsuits!