7 Smart Strategies To Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast!!

Oh my geek! How do I get Twitter followers now ? Yea! I can guess your thoughts!

Here's why: You are not alone!

According to YourEscape's study, 81% of Twitter Users have less than 50 Followers

Sysomo's stats revealed that just 1.35% of twitter accounts had 500 or more twitter followers.

Now, I don't need to ask why you need more twitter followers. Really!

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Twitter is one of the top content curation and sharing platforms you can possibly leverage for your content marketing strategies.
  • Twitter is just the right place you want to establish your brand trust.
  • Twitter can be a really fantastic medium to generate leads and turn sales for your business.
  • With more than 328 million active monthly users, Twitter can drive a good deal of well-targeted traffic.

    Infact, Derek happern generated 34, 771 unique visits to social triggers via twitter.

Should you think of buying twitter followers?

Jeez! No, It's worthless!

In this series, I will deal with the strategies you need to gain new followers free – I mean a raving fan of peeps who love your brand presence and interact with your content. Period.

1. It starts with your Twitter profile

What if I land on your twitter profile, squeeze my face, call you a bore and click away? Yea!

It depends on your Twitter Profile.

See this:

Now, that is a twitter profile that sucks – reall hard.

So, what then makes a good Twitter profile?

i. Captivating description

Your twitter profile description is one of the first things that stare your profile viewers right in the face. Their reactions are expected to vary:

It's either you seem cool, lovely, boring, weird or downright bad..

A downright bad or boring profile bio? You've got to be kidding Tom! I can't follow you.

A nice or seemingly interesting profile triggers the kinds of emotions that make your profile viewers interested in your personality.

Here's one:

Short, yet it conveys his message in a clear cut, witty and straightly interesting way.

So, how do you write a great profile?

A bit of informality: An friendly twitter bio tells good on your personalitly.

Keywords / Hashtags: Include hashtags or niche keywords in your twitter bio. By this you stand a chance of having your profile suggested to other twitter users who search for such keywords.

Example: from @noveliciouss

I searched for a keyword, "writing" and that profile popped up as a top suggestion. Why? Profile keywords.

Now, a good deal of highly targeted twitter users will tend follow that account on a consistent basis – Yea! just by targeting keywords in profile description.

ii. Profile Image.

Your twitter profile picture influence the decisions of other twitter users; either to follow you or hammer hard on the back button.

See this:
i. Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro ( University of Pennsylvania ): Social media profile pictures tell a lot about your personality.

ii. Psychology department ( New York University ): An average social media user assess profile pictures based on three indices.

  • Approchability
  • Dominance
  • Attractiveness

Here's the point:

Each of these indices sends strong signals that influence the 'following' decisions of social medial profile viewers.

So, what makes a good profile pic?

Kevan lee: good profile picture should feature the following items:
i A smiling face
ii Squinty eyes
iii No dark specs
iv No hats - Forget the cowboy for a moment
v Head to shoulder shots

2. Follow Other Users to get followers.

Twitter has a set of unwritten rules. They go like this:

Rule 1. If I follow you, then I expect you to return the favor.

Rule 2. If you are a celebrity or an influencer, too bad! You are exempted from Rule 1.

Rule 3. If you are not, You either follow back – or see me unfollow your sorry self in a couple of days.

Sorry, but that's the Twitter game! Here is the point:

If you are just starting out in your niche, you are not yet a celeb. To gain followers, you have to follow.

So, how?

Step 1. Analyze the twitter followers of one of the top influencers in your niche. To do that, go to Twitter audit and enter the twitter handle of your target influencer.

Now, in a content marketing niche, let's go with Neil.

twitter profle audit

If your target influencer's twitter audit score is greater than 90 [ as in the case above ]. Holla! you can go ahead with the next step.

Step 3. Sign in for any twitter following tools on the internet: Tweepi, Social............

Login to the dashboard. Now, before you begin to blast everyone with follows, please take note of the following indices.

i. Niche Interest.

Are your targeted accounts [ twitter accounts you want to follow to gain their "follow-backs" ] interested in your contents?

If not, there is no point following them. These guys won't interact with your tweets and your Twitter engagement metric is gonna be the all time worst--- sucker.

ii. Activity metrics

It's a bit scary! But here is the truth. A twitter-land is a bot land.

See this:
University of Southern California's study: Nearly 48 million of twitter accounts are bots. That accounts for 9 - 15% of monthly twitter users.
Having bot followers will kill your twitter engagement metrics. To avoid that, you need to follow accounts with high activity counts; tweets, mentions, retweets.

iii. Followers count

To increase your engagement rate, make it a point of duty to follow accounts whose twitter followers count exceed 1000.

Step 4. Many of the twitter follow tools have filters for the above metrics. Apply your filters and start following your target influencer's followers.

Finally: To guard against the twitter spam bots, limit the number of accounts you follow to about 100 per day. Now, that threshold is just fine! Don't go beyond it.

Does it work?

Marc Guberti is one of the top content marketers on Twitter. But wait, Marc built his authority by targeting relevant twitter users and earning their follow backs when he first started.

3. Unfollow non-followers at the speed of a Metro

Following people in order to gain follows is the easiest strategy on Twitter, right? But, there is a downside! It increases your following to followers ratio. That becomes counterproductive in two ways:

  1. Your new potential followers land on your twitter profile. They see your outrageous following to followers ratio and they are like:

    "Hey, why the heck is no one following this guy, even though he follows a legion. He's probably some weird guy that no one likes."
  2. You will soon hit the Twitter algorithm limit of 2000 and you 'll be unable to follow more users.
I recommend giving a window time of about a week, and then unfollowing your non-followers after this period.

4. Hack your tweet headlines

Good headlines go viral overnight and turn you to a social medial sensation. Poor headlines make you seem like a bored panda. The worst headlines make you a boring panda.

This is what I mean:

Twitter is probably the fastest content stream on the internet – A place where you expect to meet folks with the shortest attention span.

According to Telegraph, the average human attention span is 5 seconds.

Its a lot worse on twitter.

To get their attention, you need great headlines – strong enough to beat convince to take actions.

But, how do you create tweet headlines that can get retweets and gain more twitter followers?

Noah Kagan's study:

Noah Kagan at Buzzsumo analyzed millions of headlines across a wide range of verticals.

The results:

  • Pick on Emotions: Headlines that trigger emotions generate the most shares.

Here's one:
tweets headlines

  • Use Power words: Headlines that feature power words; best, easiest, fast, worst have the highest social shares.
  • Ask questions: Headlines that ask questions generated 650 million social hits – Yes! a striking 80% of total headlines.
  • Use Lists: List headlines with the number 10 had 4X more social shares than those containing 23 – which has the second highest social counts.

5. Use Hashtags.

Okay okay okay.., I understand that a lot of twitter users are guilty of this...

Too lazy to insert a single character in a tweet – Hashtags.

A study by Quintly's reveaved that 58% of twitter users don't use hashtags in their tweets.

twitter hashtags

But, sorry! Hashtags are Twitter's primary means of getting your tweets discovered.

According to Twitter's findings, hashtags alone can spike twitter engagement counts by 100% for individual twitter accounts and 50% for corporate accounts.

Hashtags make your tweets visible to other twitter users via search.

Avoid them...?

  • Your tweets will have really poor engagement metrics.
  • You 'll have a really difficult time getting new twitter followers from every single tweet.
Can Hashtags increase your Twitter followers count?

@Ipfconline spiked its twitter followers account by more than 20,000 within 4 months by implementing hashtags in all its tweets and retweeting lots of popular content marketing tweets.

use of twitter hashtags

6. Tweet at the right time.

Many content marketers are just like Tom! He makes his ice cream sales pitch in a seriously cold winter! Jeez....

Now, don't be like that, the best time to send out your tweets is the time when your twitter audience or followers are most receptive. Simple!

Here is the Twitter-formula: Engagement metrics ∝ New followers. Really!

Now, if you consider your tweet engagement metrics as variables on y-axis, then your new follower acquisition will be variables on the x-axis.

To increase your twitter followers count, ensure that every single tweet you send out counts; engagement metrics, clicks and retweets.


Send your tweets at the times when your followers are most active on twitter.

So when is the ideal time to tweet?

Dan Zarella's study
1.Twitter's engagement rate increases by 17% during the weekends.

twitter engagement count

2. Tweets posted at noon have the highest click through rates.

3. Tweets posted between 5 pm and 6 pm get more retweets.

What next?

If Buzzsumo report seems a bit generic. I recommend finding the time when your own twitter audience in particular is most active.

Tweriod is a tool you may want to take a look at.

The process is straight to the point: Go to Tweriod and login with your twitter account.

twitter post schedule

For the twitter account in the picture above, it is obvious that activity spikes between 4: 00 am and 4: 00 pm on weekdays.

Now, scheduling our tweets within the said time range increases the engagement metrics [ clicks, likes, retweets ] for such tweets and the number of new followers the account gets from each tweet.

7. Get down on your twitter analytics.

Your best tweets are the tweets that get you the most engagements. These are your potential viral tweets and they can spike your followers count.

Twitter analytics is a fantastic tool for tracking your tweets engagement counts.

Here are the procedures in quick steps.

Step 1. Navigate to twitter analytics by clicking the small profile icon at the top right corner of your twitter account and selecting analytics.

Step 2. Find the tweets that resonate most with your audience. Here are the engagement indices you need to take into consideration.

  • Re-tweet counts.
  • Click through rates
  • Comments
  • Likes
See this:

twitter engagement metrics

The first two tweets in that picture clearly have the highest engagement counts.

Step 3. Reschedule these top performing tweets and blast the sirens away.

Step 4. Track the reasons behind your best-performing tweets via A/B testing.

  • Do they feature rich multimedia?
  • Are they funny?
  • Are the titles short?
  • Do they support a social or common cause?
Step 5. Modify your worst performing tweets in line with your result and reschedule.

8. Connect with niche influencers.

Following influencers to gain followers is what I call a reverse pumpkin hacking.

That is:

“ Connect with the 'big guys' in your niche, get on their radar, win influence by association and make other users search for you. ”

Followerwonk helps you to find and connect with influencers in your niche. You can search for influencers using niche keywords.

For instance, I can search for influencers in blogging niche by entering the keyword; blogging.

Now, it's not just about searching for influencers on followers wonk.

To connect with the most relevant influencers, you need to analyze your target niche influencers' accounts for these metrics:

1. Social authority: An influencer's social authority defines the level of influence such an influencer weighs withing a defined niche.

To increase your chance of being found via 'influence induction', you'll connect with influencers wih high social authority.

11. Activity: measures how active an influencer is on twitter. A highly active influencer is more likely to respond to your mentions, retweets or direct messages.

Defines the level of overlap between two twitter accounts. To spike high chances of engagements with your target infuencers, you want to connect with influencers whose accounts have high.... with yours.

iii. Demographics: This metrics measures the influence of twitter accounts withing different demographics. Your best is to sort for influencers with the highest scores within your business demographics.

Once you have analyzed and sorted the list of generated influencers based on these metrics. You can click on the follow button to initiate your first connection with such influencers and start engaging with their accounts.

Over to you

I have a few questions for you.

What are your strategies

Which of these strategies have you tried?