How To Add Twitter Cards To Blogger

Twitter is one of the largest websites on the internet with about 328 million monthly users.

No doubt about the fact that Twitter can drive a great deal of referral traffic to your blogs and boost your overall content marketing campaigns.

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But, what are twitter cards and why should you set up twitter cards?
Gone were the 'not so cool' old days when twitter was that 'stingy' social media platform that restricted you to 140 text characters – What the heck guys, can't we do more?

You can, but only with twitter cards.

What are Twitter cards?

Twitter cards were introduced by twitter to enhance better content sharing on their platform. Twitter cards make it possible to share media contents; videos and images of all formats.

It does this by automatically fetching and rendering your contents' meta details [ urls, images and videos ] at the click of a button.

This makes it possible to present your messages in nice content formats, thereby increasing their conversion and click-through rates.

Why Do You Need Twitter Cards

  • Nice Twitter cards enhance your twitter streams by boosting social likability and scores among your twitter followers.
  • Twitter cards increase the likelihood of earning clicks and re-tweets.
  • Correct twitter card implementation is a great content marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic to your blog.
  • Studies revealed that the right images can spike content conversion rate.

Types Of Twitter Cards

There are four types of twitter cards of which is customized for a very specific use case.
  • Summary Twitter Cards
  • Summary Large Twitter Cards
  • App cards

How to Install Twitter Summary Cards On Blogger

Twitter summary card is twitter's customized solution to help you share your latest blog posts and other related contents.

For best rendering, Twitter summary cards support image size of 120 * 120px.

Step 1. Login to your blogger account.

Step 2.In your dashboard, hover the mouse to the left corner and click on "Theme".

Step 3. Click on "Edit Theme" on the resulting page.

Step 4. Can you see the theme already? Now, don't be scared by the code. You only need to make a single click inside the code and then, press "CTR F".

Step 5.

Type the code below in the little box that pops up at the right-hand corner of the theme area and press Enter.

step 6. Copy and paste the following code just under.

You Need to change the bolded texts:

This is what I mean:
  • Change the @hubscroll to your blog or website's twitter handle.
  • Change @Ige_Lewis to your personal twitter handle.
  • Change

    to the source of the image your blog or website logo.

Step 6. Save your template.

Final Step:

We need to validate our newly installed twitter card. To do that, Go to Twitter card validator and enter one of your blog posts URL.

If the installation is successful, you should see a message like this.

Otherwise, you must have made some mistakes during the installation process. In that case, you only need to repeat the process.

How To Install Twitter Summary Large Card in blogger

The Twitter summary large card is similar to Twitter summary card. The only differences exist in the name and their supported image sizes.

To set up a Twitter summary Large card to your blogger blog, the installation follows the same procedures.

The only difference: We need to change the
in our Twitter summary code to this:

Final Step: Validate your twitter card.