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Top 5 Nigerian Diets For Flat Stomach

Weight loss is one of the most heavily sought after beauty tips on the internet. We don't need to look further, according to cdc.gov 2014 report more than 70% of subjects over the age of 20 were overweight.

How to accessorise a purple dress

purple dress and shoes

A purple dress is one of the most classy outfits you can wear. The color purple is not only elegant, it has a way of bringing out the perfect mix of colors with different accessories.

5 symptoms of clogged pores and how to correct it

Everyone loves to have a glowing and attractive skin. But, for many, to get that attractive skin, there is one stubborn skin condition to deal with: Clogged pores!

Best of Modern Nigerian Wedding Dresses in Pictures and Styles

nigerian wedding dresses pictures

What is the Nigerian wedding dress code?

Nigerian wedding like many African weddings is one of the most colorful you can ever come across.

What color of shoes to wear with mauve dress?


We already know that the choice of shoes and other accessories like necklaces or even wristwatches for any kind of dress is dependent on a number of factors.

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