Top 5 on-page SEO Techniques you must implement for your blog

The upsurge in digitalisation introduced a great deal of competition in the online space. Infographicsfrom internetlivestates reveal that there are currently more than 1.3 billion websites online.

5 Advanced Ways To Come Up With New Blog Content Ideas

Every blogger has the zeal to air those 'awesome ideas' across the atlantic – and the desire to be known as a niche authority. In the midst of the excitement, you manage to publish the first set of articles. Awesome! But then, you are stucked – What next do I write on?

How Backlinks Affect Website Seo And Ranking

I will opt to spend two grands on two pieces of chocolates than tell you this cliche: "search Engine Optimisation had grown consistently over the years" – Now, a countryside muchkin of the internet world knows that – Really!

5 Ninja Tips To Keep Your SmartPhone Really Secure

These days, our smartphones store as much valuable information as our cabinets plus our bank account years back. I think its not far-fetched if we say: "The smartphones of today are massive data banks".

SEO: How to Write a Blog Post that Rank on First Page


Being found on Google's front page is every blogger's dream. Its a no brainer, when Mr Google features your blog on his front page, you get more exposure for your blog which equals more clients – Plus real dosh

5 Advanced SEO Strategies To Win Search Engine Race

Perhaps one of the most common notions that lead to many SEO campaigns hitting the rock is what I call erronious blackhat concept: SEO is a game – Sort of a game of thrones you know!